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The essence of Tattva massages is ‘Sparsa’ or touch based on Indian Ayurveda that strives to attain harmony & balance of the elements in the human body. Tattva healers will pamper you with carefully chosen authentic aromatic oil blends. All our massages start with a short breathing exercise to alleviate stress and calm your mind....

Head Massage

What is a head massage? Head massage is a type of therapy that relaxes your body and mind by improving the flow of energy by massaging the head, neck, and shoulders. This helps flush out stress-related hormones from the body and improves mood. What to expect? Head massage therapy is a seated massage where the...

Swedish Massage

What is a Swedish massage? Swedish massage is one of the most popular types of oil massages offered across the globe. It helps in the relaxation of muscles and joints. It also helps to relax the mind and lowers stress levels. It is a full-body massage with the use of aromatic oils. What does a...

Foot Massage

What is a Foot Reflexology Massage? Foot massage has been practiced for many centuries as a way of promoting better health. When it is paired with reflexology, it involves applying pressure to specific spots which affect different parts and organs of the body. Foot reflexology points are believed to be connected to various organs throughout...

Kalp Vriksha

The unique Kalp Vriksha ritual begins with the rubbing of pure hydrating specialty oil on the body. A mixture of coconut and sesame seeds is then used to exfoliate the skin. Indigenous ingredients selected to anoint the body and delight the senses are combined with nurturing strokes to spiritually awaken the healing energy within.

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