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Hair Spa

Our masseur pampers you with a pressure point head massage, followed by the application of our unique Indian Triphala Rasayana hair mask that imparts deep conditioning for healthy hair. As a result of this, you will witness improved texture with restored shine and softness.

Manicure & Pedicure

Our spa manicure and pedicure services go beyond the regular cleaning, cutting, and shaping of your delicate nails. Our organic products breathe new life into your nails and skin. Manicure and Pedicure services include a relaxing massage of the hands/feet for a memorable experience. Our experts will advise you on a manicure/pedicure session depending on...


Let the professionals take care of your shaving needs. Let your skin be loved!

Hair Services

It is said that hair defines an individual’s personality. A good haircut make you feel and look good, and a bad one can banish the charm from your face. We offer the following hair care and hair styling services: Hair Color Hair streaks Root Touchup Hair Spa Hair Styling Haircut Hair Trimming Women Hair Cut...


Get that silky smooth skin with professional waxing from our Healers. We use only the skin friendly wax for your comfort. We recommend a patch test in case you have sensitive skin type. You can avail of the following waxing services: Waxing Bikini Line Waxing Full Arms Waxing Full Body Waxing Full Legs Waxing Half...

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