While we are maintaining the hygiene sanctuary of the spa we need support from our guests as well. We have developed certain protocols to be followed by spa visitors. 

When you visit Tattva Spa

  • Be sure to pre-book your spa appointment on our website (https://www.tattvaspa.com) or call Tattva WeCare +91 9999835852. We are not accepting walk-in bookings at the moment.
  • Our Spa floors and walls have been adorned with simple to understand guidelines and movement flow that will reduce verbal interaction and enhance distancing during your time at the Spa premises.
  • Mask for all at all times. 
  • Two arms distance at all times. All of our spas are sufficiently large and quiet, calm, un-crowded spaces anyway. 
  • One person at a time please! To avoid crowding the Spa reception our managers will serve one guest at a time (at the reception). 
  • Come alone. Leave your bags and paraphernalia behind.
  • Only mobile phone and cash wallet allowed inside spa room. 
  • We advise you to use your elbow to push open the door (if any) while you enter the Spa. 

Before the therapy begins

  • All the guests go through thermal screening while stepping in to the hotel. Hence, a health update through Aarogya Setu is what we are recording. 
  • Sanitize your hands. As often as you like.
  • Wear appropriate disposables provided by the spa team – masks, gloves & shoe covers.
  • However much we have loved to serve you, we have temporarily discontinued our welcome drink & post spa herbal tea. You spend only the necessary time at the spa.
  • Spa room resting – we maintain a minimum of two hours gap between services in the same spa room. The spa room is methodically sanitized.

During the therapy

  • A fresh “sanitisation completed” card in the spa room assures that the room has been sanitized thoroughly.
  • We have temporarily discontinued Spa Facials and the usage of steam & sauna facilities.
  • We have discontinued foot cleansing ritual. 
  • The guests are mandatorily required to take a shower before the therapy.
  • If you’re visiting for a manicure/pedicure session then you are required to wash and sanitise your hands/feet yourself before the service begins.
  • Mask always on for guests and associates.
  • We, at Tattva Spa use single-use products for all our services.

Post the therapy

  • We request the guest to drop the used disposables in the bin post the spa service and sanitize their hands immediately after. 
  • We recommend a hot towel wipe post the massage instead of shower. 
  • All un-necessary contact has been minimised with digital applications – reservations, consultation, feedback & billing are all digitised.

To ensure safety, Tattva Spa has taken simple yet effective, well monitored measures to ensure that the team that serves you is of good health at all times. We are happy to share some of these measures with you.

Rest assured, you are in safe hands at Tattva. Quite literally !

Tattva’s workforce protocols

  • We greet with a Namaste and welcome our guests with a smile. Like always.
  • The Spa team goes through a detailed health monitoring and check daily.
  • If there is slightest health issue, the associate is immediately rested taken under medical supervision.
  • The healers’ accommodation is also deep sanitised daily.
  • Centralised procurement of spa materials from certified suppliers. 
  • Sanitization of frequently used items like mobile phone, charger, spectacles and keys.

Therapy protocols

  • The healer washes her complete arms and sanitizes them before beginning the therapy.
  • The healer is required to wear a mask and disposable shoe covers during the therapy as well. 
  • Immediately after the therapy, the healer sanitizes herself (including the uniform) and the tool kit used, if any.
  • Shoe covers and mask of healer are discarded after each therapy.