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Gift your loved ones a luxurious wellness experience with Tattva Spa. Our Spa E-GIft Cards are the perfect way to pamper and express your care. There’s one for every occasion. Add a heart felt note to make it really special.

Bring the spa feeling home- VILASA


Mindfully & lovingly crafted skincare & bath & body indulgences. Simple rituals of self-care inspired from traditional Indian Ayurveda. Bring the Spa like serenity & tranquility in your daily lives with VILASA.

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Of Self care at Tattva Spa. Loose your daily stressors & renew yourself with our professionally trained healers. Our Spas follow high standards of hygiene & welcome families for adopting wellness as a way of life.


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    Want to Relieve Sinus at home?

    Try Frontal Sinus Massage!

    What is Sinusitis?
    Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses, which can cause symptoms such as headache, facial pain, and nasal congestion.

    How it helps?
    Frontal Sinus Massage is a well-renowned technique proven to tackle sinus as it helps to reduce the pain and prolonged congestion by draining out the mucus and relieving pressure.

    Some general tips:
    👉🏻Make sure to go gentle with these pressure points and you’ll notice a relaxing sensation after a few minutes.
    👉🏻It’s recommended to perform this massage in the morning regularly for best results.
    👉🏻Also, you can consume a warm cup of your favourite herbal tea post the massage to have a healing impact on your body.

    Let us know your experience if you tried this remedy at home!

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    Our Signature Tattva Therapy offers the stimulation of the lymphatic and immune systems using professional Thai Yoga stretches along with acupressure.

    It starts with a 30-minute session of Dry Thai Stretches that loosen up muscles and relax the joints.
    It is followed by a Deep Tissue Massage that helps to release tension and promotes relaxation, leaving you feeling rejuvenated inside out.

    The therapy helps:
    👉🏻Relax muscles
    👉🏻Improve blood flow
    👉🏻Relieve lymphatic drainage
    👉🏻Improve flexibility
    👉🏻Unclog jammed muscles

    Our Signature Tattva Therapy is highly recommended for jammed muscles caused due to workouts, sports or other physical activities.

    Book your appointment today!

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    Working on your electronic gadget is the most common cause of Text Neck.

    So, while you’re busy meeting deadlines and coordinating; taking care of yourself is also a priority! 

    Here are some tips:

    ✅ Watch your posture
    Having a bad posture may lead to back ache, neck pain and in some adverse cases may even affect your spine. So, maintaining a healthy posture (as directed in the video) while working on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone goes a long way in saving you of stressed muscles and neck pain.

    ✅ Take short breaks
    It not only keeps your mind fresh but also helps to relax your muscles.

    ✅ Stretch!
    Stretching helps to improve blood flow, improves body movements, promotes smooth joint movement, improves posture and reduces risk of injuries.

    ✅ Keep hydrated and eat healthy
    Staying hydrated is, without a doubt, the healthiest way to improve your physical performance, feel energized, soothe neck stiffness and stay productive throughout the day! Also, consuming a nutritional balanced diet helps to improve joint movements, reduce muscle tension and promote joint lubrication naturally.

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    At the heart of every successful organization are its employees. Their feedback and journey towards growth is an essential element that drives progress and success.

    Alenti, our oldest spa manager shares her journey with Tattva.

    From a small town in Assam, she began her career in the company as a healer, and now she has been promoted to Manager at @cidadedegoa .

    She is a living example that dedication and the hardwork always pays off.

    #tattvaspa #tattvawellness #wellness #employeewellness #employeeexperience #employeefeedback #testimonial #massage #therapist #massagetherapist #spatherapist #experts #massageexperts

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    Our very informative & fun live chat with renowned expert Dr. Monika Sharma @sleepmoksha where we debunk, SLEEP MYTHS and try to navigate the complex neuro-biological space of restful SLEEP. ...

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    Gift your loved ones a luxurious wellness experience with Tattva Spa. Our online gift vouchers are the perfect way to pamper and express your love to your dear ones. Personalise it with a customised message.


    Mindfully & lovingly crafted skincare & bath & body indulgences. Bring the Spa like serenity &tranquility in your daily lives with VILASA.

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    Complimentary 30 min upgrade to 90 min*
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