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Tattva Spa in Mumbai is the best possible place to find solace and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
We offer a wide range of range of contemporary and holistic therapies to help you achieve inner peace. These therapies are designed for a hectic and modern lifestyle of a Mumbaikar. Be it a trending-pampering massage, ayurvedic massage, aromatherapy, or facial and body treatment, we bring it all to you. With warm interiors, state of the art equipment for the comfort of our guests and a quaint relaxation lounge Tattva Spa in mumbai is the place to be.

Our healers are well trained and exhibit unparalleled level of commitment to those seeking solace in our spa. We aspire to be a premier pampering place for our customers celebrating special moments of relaxation and indulgence.
No matter what your day brings we at Tattva are sure to refresh and recharge your mind, soul and body.


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Radisson Goregaon, Mumbai

Veer Savarkar Flyover, SV Road Goregaon West Mumbai 400 062

Urban spa destination with warm interiors and state of the art equipment for the comfort of our guests in Goregaon, west. The facility spread across two levels has three single therapy rooms, one couple therapy room with attached steam and shower facility, a quaint relaxation lounge and manicure-pedicure lounge. Our healers at Tattva, exhibit unparralleled level of commitment to those seeking solace in our spa massage therapies from day-to-day hustle.

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Holiday Inn, Mumbai

Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri East Near Sakinaka Metro Station, Bandi Bazaar, Nair Wadi, Sakinaka, Mumbai

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, can strike a perfect balance between work and life with Tattva Spa wellness experiences. Tattva Spa has been in the forefront of offering ideal spa packages and exclusive memberships and rejuvenating massages in Mumbai that are well adapted to the hectic and modern lifestyle of a Mumbaikar.

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Tattva Spa, India’s leading chain of spa destinations, invites you to experience rich mystic fusion of the ancient Indian philosophy of ayurvedic body massages and the latest contemporary wellness techniques. With a dynamic squad of professional therapists, our holistic spa treatments are defined to rejuvenate and reinvigorate your senses. We aspire to be a premier pampering place for our customers celebrating special moments of relaxation and indulgence.
Welcome to serenity, welcome to Tattva Spa

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a spa day in Mumbai cost?

The cost of spa therapy in Mumbai will generally range anywhere from Rs.1500 to Rs.5000 or more. This would typically depend on the type of spa treatment you choose. The price may also differ according to the duration of the spa treatment. Therapies at a luxury spa cost slightly higher compared to a regular spa. There are several types of spa therapies, for instance, at Tattva Spa we have Deep Tissue massage, Aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage, Ayurvedic Potali massage and many more. The price of these massages varies since each massage has a different process and healing benefits. At Tattva Spa we provide impeccable hospitality, expert services, amazing infrastructure and a tranquil environment, making it all really worth it.

2. What is Couple Spa? Where is it available in Mumbai?

A couple’s massage is one of the most popular services. It is like any other massage service, but you and your partner receive the massage at the same time. Here, your partner can be anyone; it could be your spouse, friend, mother, etc. This type of massage is delivered in a private room that is big enough to accommodate two people at once. It is the most delightful and memorable spa experience to share with your partner. It helps you reconnect with your loved one in a very unique and meaningful way. Tattva Spa at Radisson Hotel, Goregaon and Holiday Inn, Andheri East has curated special packages for couples to reinvigorate their bond together. Experience therapies ‘Bliss’ or ‘Serenity’ for a luxurious and rejuvenating day at our Spa. So why wait for an anniversary, birthday or special day to celebrate your bond? Experience a couple-spa today!

3. Where can I relax in Mumbai?

When you think of a relaxing day in Mumbai, the first thing that comes to mind is a nice quiet day at a spa. Tattva Spa in Mumbai at Radisson, Goregaon or Holiday Inn, Andheri East is just the right place for you to relax or escape from the chaotic fast-paced lifestyle, long hours of traffic and pollution. Everything in our spa, from the lighting to the therapies and ambiance is designed to calm your senses and transcend you to a state of bliss. Here, you would have plenty of time to connect with yourself. The extensive list of services provided by us is curated keeping your need in mind and is defined to reinvigorate your senses. Not to forget the dynamic squad of professional therapists who work their magical techniques on you and lift up your spirits.

4. What is a spa therapy?

A spa therapy refers to any treatment that can help you relax, detox, get rid of body pain, de-stress, reduce muscle tension and ease your mind. There are various types of spa therapies like back, head, neck, face and foot massages; beauty elixirs like body scrubs, wraps, facials and hair spa. A spa therapy typically takes place in a spa room that has warm lighting, calm ambience and soothing music to make sure you catch up on that much-needed sleep while you’re getting the most relaxing therapies.