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We, at Tattva are proud to bring curated wellness experiences beyond the ordinary. As brand partners of Shilp Wellness, we invite our esteemed guests to escape from the din of city life & explore this oasis of calm & well-being.

Shilp Wellness is a bewitching sensory & wellness destination. A hidden gem, just 90 minutes drive from the bustling Mumbai city, with the purity of pearly white marble and gentle murmur of fountains set the scene for pure relaxation. “Shilp,” meaning craftsmanship, celebrates the artistic facets of both well-being practices and architectural details that define Shilp Wellness. With a masterful blend of traditional Turkish and Moroccan aesthetics set against serene, verdant landscapes, we have crafted an ambience that will transcend you to a new realm of calm & wellbeing.

This unparalleled Luxury Spa seamlessly weaves together time-tested traditional wellness practices with contemporary holistic wellness rituals culminating in an unparalleled tapestry of rejuvenation. Escape the routine & immerse in the art of wellbeing at our exquisite spa destination. Restore balance and harmonize energy.

Services Offered by Shilp Wellness

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    Select between a premium full-body massage using your preferred technique, whether it…
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    Delve into an Ayurvedic voyage, enriched by our exquisite healing herbal potlis.…
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    Experience the epitome of luxury with a detoxifying bathing ritual led by…
  • Pamper-Yourself
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    Elevate your wellness experience with an all-encompassing detoxification and relaxation journey that…
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    Experience a detoxifying bathing ritual guided by our internationally trained therapists, as…

How to get to Shilp Wellness, Mumbai?

To reach this oasis of relaxation, enjoy a scenic 90-minute drive from Mumbai. As the urban hustle fades away, you’ll find yourself on a path leading to serenity. Here’s the precise location that promises a blissful escape.

Address: Mumbai Pune National Highway, inside Aayush Resort gate between Amol and Raigad Petrol Pump, Panvel Bypass Rd, Shedung, Maharashtra 410221

Facilities Offered by Shilp Wellness

Customer Testimonials


Ans. At Shilp Wellness, we recommend making advance reservations to ensure availability and provide you with the best service. To get your preferred date and time, it's advisable to book in advance.
Ans. Yes, it is possible to reserve the spa for a private gathering at Shilp Wellness. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your specific requirements. Contact us by email: reservations@shilpwellness.com or phone: 7220-004466.
Ans. A Turkish Hammam in Mumbai at Shilp Wellness is a unique spa experience rooted in traditional Turkish bathing rituals. It's a retreat where you can enjoy relaxation, detoxification, and rejuvenation through various treatments.
Ans. You can experience a traditional Turkish Hammam near you by visiting Shilp Wellness in Mumbai. For those searching for a "Turkish Hammam near me," Shilp Wellness is your local destination.
Ans. Halotherapy at Shilp Wellness offers a range of advantages, including improved skin conditions, relief from joint pain, detoxification, alleviation of respiratory issues, and support for those aiming to quit smoking. This holistic approach promotes overall well-being.
Ans. Yes, Shilp Wellness offers the luxury of a jacuzzi on-site, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits of a signature jacuzzi experience during your visit. It's a convenient and local choice.
Ans. The Moroccan Hammam treatments at Shilp Wellness offer a detoxifying and rejuvenating experience. They involve steam sessions, the application of Moroccan black soap, and gentle exfoliation using a Kesa glove.
Ans. While Shilp Wellness is focused on spa and wellness services rather than accommodations, you can explore nearby hotels or resorts that offer in-room jacuzzi amenities. This search can lead you to hotels with jacuzz is in-room near you.
Ans. A typical Moroccan Hammam treatment at Shilp Wellness lasts for 90 minutes and is priced at ₹6500+ taxes, ensuring you get value for your wellness experience.
Ans. The "Pamper Yourself" treatment at Shilp Wellness includes Halotherapy in the Himalayan Salt room, followed by your choice of body treatment. Priced at ₹5500 + taxes, it's designed to offer a detoxifying and relaxing experience.
Ans. A Turkish Hammam experience at Shilp Wellness typically lasts for 120 minutes and is priced at ₹7500 + taxes.
Ans. Shilp Wellness offers a range of facilities, including the Turkish/Moroccan Hammam, which is inspired by ancient Middle Eastern traditions. This facility provides exfoliation in a humid atmosphere using natural products, promoting detoxification, boosting metabolism, enhancing skin radiance, and supporting improved lung and heart function. Guests can expect a sense of upliftment and relaxation.
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