5 Steps Towards Beautiful Summer-Ready Feet

Now that winter season has exited, it is time to bid goodbye to those cozy woollen socks and closed-toed shoes and let your feet breathe once gain by rocking your favorite summer sandals.

But before you go barefoot, your feet may be in need of some pampering to avoid a faux pas like cracked heels or calluses. Here are few useful tips that will help flaunt your feet to the rest of the world once again.

1. Keep’em Clean 

The sweaty summers can make your feet smell foul due. To avoid smelly feet and foul odor, wash your feet well every day and keep them dry at all times. You may also use the universal trick of soaking your feet in warm water. To relax, you may use lavender oil or just some salt. 

Also, avoid wearing the same shoes for two days in a row and let them air dry to keep the odor at bay.

2.Don’t Forget To Moisturize

As good as they may look on your feet, summer sandals don’t offer much cushioning leaving you with dry, cracked heels. This might make walking barefoot on the beach or sporting your favorite flip-flops a bit embarrassing and even painful. An easy remedy to avoid this situation is doubling up the moisturizer. Apply a thick layer of nourishing foot cream every night at bedtime to moisturize your feet and keep your skin soft. 

3.Get a Pedicure

While you may want to avoid wearing bright colored nail polishes that can leave stains on your nails, do get a pedicure done every fortnight to keep your nails clean and pamper your feet. Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes and then use a foot file to remove calluses and dead skin. Trim your nails and then apply a nourishing cream to moisturize your feet. 

Or, book an appointment with Tattva Spa!

4.Keep Exfoliating 

As the summer progresses, your feet will start getting tanned leaving you with uneven skin tone. So keep the tan at bay by exfoliating your feet every week. Mix some coffee grounds or sugar with pure olive oil and massage it in circular motions to reveal smoother brighter skin. 

5. Indulge in a Foot Spa

As the weather gets warmer, the rise in body heat can expand the blood vessels making your feet and ankles look swollen. To avoid this happening, take our signature Foot Reflexology Massage to improve blood circulation in the body and make your feet look pretty again. 

Our healers will apply pressure to specific spots in your feet that affect different organs of the body. This helps balance your vital energy flow (also known as “qi”) and reduces aches and body pains.

Foot reflexology massage is also known to lower stress levels and help you sleep better at night too. Book an appointment right away to make your feet summer-ready.


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