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Spa Consultancy

Tattva, a unit of Elementia, provides spa consultancy and management services to hotels, resorts or club houses at luxury residences. We advise on new spa developments and also take over management of existing spa operations for quality wellness services, brand development, effective operations, focused sales and higher revenue generation. We provide operational manuals, guiding in software choice, quality control and management systems and a transparent and extensive marketing strategy.

The Elementia team has a rich experience in serving a wide spectrum of guests, right from discerning international guests at a luxury spa to the value conscious spa guest at a domestic weekend get-away resort. The spa development and management process is divided into three phases as detailed below.

Spa Development
At Elementia, we aim to design spaces that are evocative of nature and pacify and harmonize the five senses. Our deep understanding of the functional aspects of a spa further lets us work closely with our design team to evolve intriguing spa concepts and exclusive designs. Spa designs are matured closely in sync with the partner hospitality brand identity.

a) Location identification/evaluation
b) Feasibility analysis and financial projections
c) Spa Concept design and positioning
d) Floor plans and elevations
e) Construction administration visits
The Spa development stage is capital intensive and requires a keen eye towards detailing and finishing. The Elementia team simultaneously works on the softer aspects of Spa design which are Spa menu, products and other related aspects.

a) Detailed project management for spa development
b) Construction coordination with architects, contractors
c) Final Menu of services development
d) Product development and sourcing
e) Spa therapist identification and training
f) Spa manager recruitment
g) Uniform design selection and development
h) Retail and visual merchandising design and development
i) Marketing and PR plan development
j) Launch marketing plan execution
k) Staff induction and on-ground training
As the first few weeks of a new born baby are most critical, so the operations of a newly developed spa go a long way towards shaping its future. Implementing the SoPs and close monitoring of operations is required. Hand holding the team for a positive start goes a long way to build morale and develop passion for work among the team members.

a) Daily operations management
b) Daily sales planning and management
c) Regular training programmes
d) New product and services launches as per plan
e) Detailed audits (weekly for the first 2 months)
f) Sales and other MIS Reporting
g) Sales target setting
h) Regular motivation coaching