Epitome of Love

An ecstatic Spa retreat


An exclusive spa & hydrotherapy experience designed for two where every element is crafted to celebrate the beauty & harmony of your love story.
Treat yourself and your loved one to 60 minutes of pampering with their choice of massages or facial. Enjoy the intimate privacy of our Jacuzzi and hydrotherapy area, creating unforgettable memories in a tranquil setting. Enter a spa haven beautifully decorated with romantic touches of flowers, balloons, and candles, creating the perfect ambience for couples. Enhance your romantic rejuvenation with our welcome drinks and gourmet chocolates. Don’t forget our token of love for you—Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candle LOVE to envelop you both in pure romance. Celebrate love and create lasting memories with an all-encompassing Valentine’s Day experience by Tattva for a truly magical celebration.


  • Allow 90 minutes for the complete experience
  • Welcome drink
  • Spa room decoration with flowers, balloons & candles
  • Spa therapy for 60 minutes – choice of massage or facial
  • Exclusive usage of Jacuuzi & hydrotherapy area
  • Gourmet chocolates
  • Gift – VILASA Aromatherapy Soy wax candle – Love

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What does the "Epitome of Love" package include?

    A: The package features a 90-minute ecstatic spa retreat for two. It includes spa therapy (choice of massage or facial), spa room decoration with flowers, balloons, and candles, exclusive usage of Jacuzzi and hydrotherapy area, a welcome drink, gourmet chocolates, and a VILASA Aromatherapy Soy wax candle as a special gift.

  • Q: Can we choose between a massage and a facial for the spa therapy for two?

    A: Absolutely! The package allows both individuals to choose between a 60-minute massage or facial, tailoring the experience to your preferences.

  • Q: Can we customize the spa room decoration according to our preferences?

    A: The spa room decoration, including flowers, balloons, and candles, is thoughtfully curated to ensure a romantic atmosphere. Unfortunately, customization requests cannot be accommodated as we aim to maintain the enchanting ambience designed for your ultimate relaxation.

  • Q: Is the Jacuzzi and hydrotherapy area exclusive for our use during the spa retreat?

    A: Yes, the package includes exclusive usage of the Jacuzzi and hydrotherapy area, ensuring an intimate and private experience for you and your loved one.

  • Q: Are there any additional charges for the exclusive use of the Jacuzzi and hydrotherapy area?

    A: No, the exclusive use of the Jacuzzi and hydrotherapy area is included in the package price.

  • Q: How do we make a reservation for the "Epitome of Love" spa retreat?

    A: You can easily make a reservation by visiting our website, selecting your preferred city and outlet, and following the booking process. Our customer care team will then connect with you to finalize the details of your ecstatic spa retreat.

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