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When we gift something to someone there is a thought behind it. We make sure that the gift selected by us is liked and appreciated. If you feel like you still haven’t decided what to gift your friends or family on their special occasions, then we have the perfect option for you. Tattva brings its gift cards for its customers. Spa gift cards are a thoughtful gifting idea as it shows how much you care about the person you are gifting it to. There is nothing better than gifting a spa experience to someone you love and care about. These e-gift cards can be redeemed at Tattva Spa for an authentic spa experience.


You can get a personalized message written on your Spa gift voucher. Shop online gift cards at Tattva and enter an amount of your choice or choose from the mentioned amounts. Mention the details of the recipient and the preferred location for gift card redemption. You can also choose the occasion; if you want to get well soon gifts then opt for this gift voucher. Apart from this, pick a gift voucher if you want to congratulate someone, make someone feel special, or just give them best wishes for their special day. The validity of the Tattva gift cards will be for 6 months and once the spa gift cards are bought, they cannot be returned or canceled. It is necessary to book a prior appointment.

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Complimentary 30 min upgrade to 90 min*
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