Good night, sleep well!



Stressed before going to bed? As much as we enjoyed work-from-home in the early stage, now the concept is growing exponentially, and everlasting. The covid-19 lifestyle has not only affected our diet or exercise routine, but has a vigilant effect on our sleep cycle as well.

Bedroom is your place of retreat from all the problems and world troubles. You engage all your efforts in decorating your bedroom space, so you can come back to a place that comforts you. With the lockdown, our bedroom has become not only a place to sleep but also, work and eat. This is not healthy! It is important that we don’t let these thoughts disrupt our sleep sanctuary.

Here are few tips that might be helpful to structure your sleep graph and flatten that curve:

Daytime tips

  • Avoid intake of caffeine or alcohol, especially later in the day. This will just create a disparity in your sleep cycle.
  • Watch out for an intense workout later in the evening. Develop a routine for your lifestyle to set your body in rhythm. Don’t skip meals; eat in time, even on weekends get up at your usual time.
  • Taking naps in middle of the day keeps you awake till late in the night. Simply because you’ve already slept for hours before.

Night tips

  • Take the first yawnin the later evening as an alarm. That’s your body telling you that it’s tired and needs some rest.
  • Your bedroom shall only serve as a place to sleep. Avoid using phone or watching screensbefore you sleep. Dim the light, set the temperature, read something good before you put yourself to bed.
  • Watching your phone time-to-time will only distract you from sleeping. Clear your headbefore your sleep.
  • Before going to sleep wash your feet with warm water. Warm water on feetdoes more wonders than the hot milk in your stomach.
  • It’s never too late to realize if you’re not able to sleep. Whenever you are into that sought, get up and accomplish a light task like reading a book, meditation or yoga.

Remember how your senses come to calm at our spa?  The job was partially done by the aroma of essential oils. Our sense of smell is unswervingly connected to our brain, administering emotions.

Essential oils and aromatic wax candles can be helpful for disrupted sleep and improve sleep quality.

Take cue from Remedies to Roll Night Time by Neal’s Yard Remedies and Calm Mogra Soy Wax Candle by Omved for natural and organic products.

  • Spray some essential oil in the air before going to sleep or near your pillow.
  • Mix few drops in your evening bath.
  • You can also apply it directly on your skin, giving a quick massage to your arms and legs.
  • Light the candles and fill the air with aroma.

Let’s prepare for the sleep while Tattva wishes you a good night.


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