Is there an etiquette for presenting a Tattva Spa voucher as a Diwali gift?

Yes, there are some etiquette guidelines to consider when presenting a Tattva Spa voucher as a Diwali gift to ensure that it is well-received and appreciated:


Warm Presentation: Present the voucher with warmth and enthusiasm. Express your sincere wishes for a joyful and relaxing experience during the festive season.


Accompanying Card or Note: Include a Diwali card or a handwritten note with a personalized message. This can convey your heartfelt Diwali greetings and add a personal touch to the gift.


Explain the Gift: When giving the voucher, explain its value and the services it covers. Let the recipient know that they have the flexibility to choose their preferred spa treatments.


Check for Allergies or Sensitivities: If you are aware of any allergies or sensitivities the recipient may have, consider asking discreetly if the chosen spa treatments are suitable for them.


Follow Up: After Diwali, consider following up with the recipient to ask about their spa visit. Showing genuine interest in their experience can make the gift even more memorable.


Respect Their Privacy: Understand that spa treatments involve personal relaxation and well-being. Respect the recipient’s privacy and let them enjoy the spa experience without intrusion.


Consider the Timing: If the recipient is very busy during Diwali, consider that they might prefer to schedule their spa visit at a later, more convenient time.


Gift Presentation: If you prefer, you can present the voucher in a decorative envelope or a small gift box to make the gift feel even more special.


By following these etiquette guidelines, you can ensure that your Tattva Spa voucher is presented thoughtfully and enhances the Diwali celebrations for the recipient. It reflects your care and consideration during this festive season.

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