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What used to be an exclusively female domain is now being patronised by an increasing number of men. A few years ago we would never have seen a man in a spa. The only time men ventured anywhere near a spa was to drop off their better halves for a beauty treatment. Today, all that has changes and it is a common sight to see men too getting the full spa treatment. In fact, statistics show that men may actually be larger spa consumers. Here’s an interesting look at men in the spa!

Spas Then & Now

While most men love the idea of relaxing and getting pampered (and there’s nothing wrong with it too), few will admit it. Well, the secret is out now. More and more spas are creating a gender-neutral ambience so it is appealing to both men and women. Earlier most spas were distinctly feminine. Today, the pink flowers and feminine fragrances have been replaced by clean, straight lines and a no-fuss, gender-neutral décor. The subtle but definite change is a sign that spas are acknowledging the increase in male clientele and are going out of their way to please them.

What Do Men Like In The Spa?

Stress-relieving massages top the list. The most popular treatments include deep tissue massages, Swedish massages and foot reflexology.

Manicures, pedicures and facials are also popular. Gone are the days of a stubbly face, rough hands and brittle nails. Today’s man wants to be better groomed at work and at play and a good facial, manicure and pedicure is a key part of the routine.

When it comes to spa treatments, it’s easy to see that men are definitely catching up with the ladies!

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