Social Distancing from Pains



Had it been just another day, you would be booking your Saturday spa appointments with us, and we would be welcoming you in the comfortable environs of our spas across the country.

We are all in lockdown,

But you need not be bogged down

You deserve to get rid of that aching frown

As you are with the best Spa people in the town!

Tattva Spa experts went live with their wellness webinar series – AnyBody Can Massage (ABCM) and the first episode – Social distancing from pain was focused on relieving stress related neck & shoulder pain and the ever prevalent sinus related pains.

Here is a summary of the discussion from our Episode 1: Social Distancing from Pains –

  • Preparing for Self care
  • Reasons for neck & shoulder pains
  • Reasons for sinus related pains
  • Lymphatic drainage system
  • What are the magic points for massage & acupressure?
  • How to apply pressure onto the magic points?
  • How to open channels of proper energy flow?

Did you happen to miss out the webinar episode #1? You can now go through the same here (

Stay tuned for more exciting, informative, educative self-care wellness webinar episode of AnyBody Can Massage, every Saturday at 11 AM. Episode #2 is going to be really interesting with our experts helping us with a digital detox session. Register now so that you do not miss this.

Remember to take out some me-time. You deserve every bit of it!

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