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Are there any specific facials for men?

Yes, Tattva Wellness Spa offers specialized facials for men to cater to their unique skin needs. Our Men’s Facial is designed to address concerns such as razor burn, ingrown hairs, and skin sensitivity. This facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration, promoting a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion. The treatment targets male-specific skin issues while providing...

What should I do to prepare for a facial appointment?

To prepare for a facial appointment at Tattva Wellness Spa, follow these simple steps for an optimal experience. Before your appointment, avoid any harsh exfoliants or retinol products for at least 48 hours. Arrive with a clean face, free from makeup and sunscreen. Communicate any skin concerns or allergies to your therapist during the consultation....

How long do the effects of a facial last?

The effects of a facial can vary depending on factors like skin type, lifestyle, and skincare routine. Generally, the immediate benefits of a facial, such as radiant and hydrated skin, can last for a few days. However, with regular facials, the cumulative effects can be more long-lasting. For example, improved skin texture, reduced pore size,...

Can facials help with reducing pores?

Yes, facials can help reduce the appearance of pores. At Tattva Wellness Spa, our specialized facials include techniques like steaming and extraction to cleanse and unclog pores. Additionally, exfoliation removes dead skin cells that can block pores, promoting a smoother texture. Some facials use masks with ingredients like clay or charcoal to absorb excess oil...

What ingredients should I look for in facial products?

When choosing facial products, look for ingredients that cater to your skin’s specific needs. For general maintenance, opt for gentle cleansers with natural ingredients like aloe vera or chamomile. For hydration, products containing hyaluronic acid and glycerin work wonders. To address aging concerns, look for antioxidants like vitamin C and retinol. For sensitive skin, choose...

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