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Jet lag therapy massage

From Disrupted Sleep to Rejuvenation: The Power of Massage for Jet Lag

Jet lag, an unwelcome companion of long-haul travel, can cast a shadow over the excitement of reaching new destinations. The disorientation, fatigue, and disrupted sleep patterns that accompany traversing multiple time zones can leave travelers yearning for a remedy. In the search for a holistic solution, one emerges as a beacon of rejuvenation – the...

Tattva spa in Bengaluru

A Comprehensive Journey with Jet Lag Therapy Massage at Tattva Wellness Spa

The journey began as Medha, a seasoned traveller, returned from her business endeavours in the United States. The toll of a long-haul flight left her grappling with the relentless effects of jet lag. The familiar weariness and disorientation that accompany transcontinental travel settled over her, prompting a quest for a natural remedy. Seeking solace and...

Jet Lag Therapy Massage

Rejuvenate and Realign: The Bliss of Jet Lag Therapy Massage at Tattva Spa

Travelling to far-flung destinations can be an exhilarating adventure, but it often comes with the challenging side effect of jet lag. The disorientation, fatigue, and sleep disturbances can put a damper on your exploration plans. Thankfully, there’s a solution that transcends traditional relaxation massages and brings you the revitalising magic of Tattva Spa’s Jet Lag...

Does Tattva Spa in Bangalore offer online booking?

Tattva Spa in Bangalore offers online booking for their services. This makes it convenient for customers to schedule and reserve appointments, including the Jet Lag Therapy Massage, at their preferred date and time. To book a slot, you can visit their official website, choose the service you want, and make the payment to secure your...

How much does a Jet Lag Therapy Massage cost?

The cost of a Jet Lag Therapy Massage at Tattva Spa may vary depending on the location and the specific offerings. It starts at 5800 Indian Rupees for a 90-minute massage. However, prices can change over time, and they may differ based on factors such as the duration of the massage, the location, and any...

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