The Healing Benefits of Swedish Massage for your body & mind


A spa is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about relaxing or unwinding. The great feeling of the motion of hands through the pressure points, your nerves relaxing, blood rushing through your body and the tension slowly slipping away when the massage therapist gently glides her hands on your sore muscles, all feels relaxing doesn’t it!

Traditional massages are known to be more beneficial for your health. Compared to a Shiatsu massage, a Swedish massage is more about softening the tension on your muscles, joints, and connective tissues. In a Swedish massage, the masseuse may use the entire flat surface of the palm to get through the various parts of your body or use the fingertips to reach the pressure points and to relax them. The combination of kneading and hand movements relaxes the muscles, eases away stiffness, loosens the joints and also helps in emotional aspects like stress, depression, anxiety and so on.

Before getting a Swedish massage, let’s look at how it benefits your body and mind.

1. Relieving overall body pain

Body pain | Tattva Spa

If your daily routine includes sports, back pain, muscular tension, work stress, chronic pain, and other agonies, Swedish massage is a must for you. The deep strokes and gentle hand movements in the massage helps to ease muscle pain, joint pain and promotes the smooth circulation of blood. If you are suffering from arthritis, a Swedish massage can be of great help since this massage consists of long, fluid stroking of muscles which results in reduced soreness and stiffness in joints and muscles. Swedish massage can target specific areas of pain like a sprained ankle, headaches, etc. Your whole body is relaxed and feels light after a good Swedish massage.

2. Enhances your mental health

Improving Mental Health | Tattva Spa

The peaceful environment, our experts practicing this relaxing massage, the soothing tones and the essential oils not only heal you physically but also mentally. All your worries, anxieties, stress, depression and other mental health agonies are alleviated. A Swedish massage helps in the reduction of cortisol or stress hormone as it is known. Hence, this massage is known to be very beneficial when it comes to improving mental health.

3. Enhances your mental health

Cheerful mood | Tattva Spa

Just like any other massage, a Swedish massage puts you in a much better mood. Since it cures all your mental and physical agonies and also improves your circulatory system. It helps you relax and unwind from the daily hard work and responsibilities. When you’ve had a long tiring day or week it is always a good idea to soothe yourself and relax with a massage. Your mood intends to automatically get better when you are not suffering from any physical or mental stress.

4. Flawless Skin

Flawless Skin | Tattva Spa

The essentials of healthy skin are good blood flow, flushing out of toxins, a good digestive system and minimized mental stress. A Swedish massage helps and enhances the circulatory system, lymphatic drainage, lowers levels of cortisol, better mental health and also puts you in a better mood. A Swedish massage heals you in all ways, internally and externally. The skin becomes healthier because of the increased blood flow.

Now that you know a Swedish massage is more than just a simple therapy and is a way of healing and soothing. So why wait? Book yourself a Swedish massage now!

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