Un-tech & Untangle – Your Spa fix in Lockdown

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Technology is an enabler in our daily lives. While the latest gadgets and devices are making our lives more organized, making the world a smaller place and helping us solve more problems, faster, they are also causing high amount of strain onto our physical and psychological selves.

Our mental health is getting acutely affected with close exposure the “Instagram” version of people’s lives. That feeling of ‘inadequacy’ or desire to lead a more ‘fun life’ can cause unprecedented strain on our emotional capabilities.

On an average, we are probably spending 11 hours of a day staring at some kind of screen, be it laptop, TV or your cell phone. We usually begin our day with one screen and end while watching another. Our travel time is also our screen time (of course we are referring to the pre-lockdown times). Our human bodies were not designed for handling such large screen times. It will probably take our bodies another 100,000 years to adapt to the change that has impacted our bodies swiftly over the last decade or so.

In pre-covid times, we would have advised you to visit our spas to take a break from technology and find some rejuvenating me-time with a massage or a spa facial. Our guests have been asking us “Where can I get a massage in lockdown”? Tattva Spa centres are currently closed and we are doing the next best thing. We are sharing with you some simple hacks of acupressure and massage techniques that you could do yourself at home. Tattva’s wellness webinar series – AnyBody Can Massage is already helping a lot of our regular guests with well-researched and effective DIY acupressure techniques. Our second episode, Un-Tech & Un-tangle focused on dealing with puffy or dry eyes, headaches, tired ears, aching wrists etc. Basically, we addressed all the issues arising from over-exposure to technology. Our DIY AnyBody Can Massage videos are also live on out YouTube Channel.


Stay tuned for more exciting, informative and educative self-care, wellness webinar episode of AnyBody Can Massage, every Saturday at 11 AM. Upcoming episode #3 is “Back” in Action where we will be sharing simple hacks to relieve the aching backs to get your up and running. Join us via Zoom or simply join us on Facebook Live. See you there?


Be Safe & Be well.

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