Want to embrace the Hygge lifestyle? Here’s how!


You’ve all heard of the Hygge lifestyle. But what is it exactly and how can you embrace it?

We’ll tell you.

Hygge- originating from Denmark, the epicenter of a heart-warming way of living. Pronounced Hoo-Ga, is a wonderful Danish way of living that encourages us to slow down, cozy up and enjoy the little comforts of life. While there is no exact meaning to the word in English, the words “cozy”, “comfort” and “content” come close to it.
The word “Hygge” itself comes from an Old Norse word, “Hugga,” which means comfort or console. The Hygge lifestyle is all about warmth, comfort, and closeness – all the feelings you get from a hug.

The best part about this cozy lifestyle is that it’s incredibly easy to embrace on a budget. Hygge is more about the ambiance and experience you create rather than things. Although there are a few elements you would need to add to create that space, such as candles, home-cooked meals or a gathering of your closest friends, it costs little to nothing, literally!

So if you are interested in embracing the Hygge lifestyle, within these last days of winter or forever, there are lots of ways you can do it and at very little cost. Here are some cozy thoughts:

Light it up with some candles

Scented Candles | Sense Of Relaxation - Tattva Spa

The easiest way and the first thing you should be doing is lighting up the cozy spot you’ve chosen, with some scented candles. If you know any danish people, ask them and they’ll tell you it’s true. The scent of a lavender candle will instantly bring a sense of tranquility or if a particular scent reminds of something happy and warm go with that. Watching that warm flame could also induce a sense of relaxation.

Pour yourself a cup of warm comfort

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Nothing could be more comforting than sipping on a warm cup of your favorite tea, coffee or hot chocolate while wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket? Sipping on something hot fits well into the Hygge regime as it is a way of taking a break.

Create a Hygge playlist

Hygge playlist - Tattva Spa

If anyone knows, the best way to set a mood is with some music. Create a playlist with some soft relaxing tunes that you could listen to by yourself for a good hour or two where you can spend the evening with your friends over a glass of wine in your cozy Hygge spot.

Snuggle up

Snuggle at Spa - Tattva Spa

One of the best joys of life. It is one that combines almost all the elements of Hygge – comfort, relaxation and spending time with people you’re loved ones. Snuggle under a soft blanket with your partner, kids, best friend, your pet or even by yourself. It’s warm and joyful and it costs nothing at all.

Fill up your Hygge spot with pillows

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Pillows, cushions and big soft blankets are a must-have for any Hygge spot in order to evoke some coziness. Together with your scented candles, warm cup of comfort and relaxing playlist and these soft cushions you are sure to drift off into zen mode.

Stock up on some good reads

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At the end of a long tiring day, getting lost in the words of your favorite novel is just a great feeling. It instantly puts you at ease and takes you places. Just picture it, curled up in your cozy Hygge spot with the dim candle lights and your favorite book in your hands. Sounds just like something you’ve been craving for, doesn’t it?

And last but not least..Don’t deprive yourself

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Danes are crazy about all things sweet and associate their favorite treats with Hygge. So do indulge in your favorite sweets or sugary snacks.

Making time in our busy schedule doesn’t come naturally to us. But when you really need some calm to the storm, you need it! And if anything, the Danes are a real inspiration. We’ve given away all their secrets to a happy life so go ahead and start building on your Hygge lifestyle.

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