Wellness in the times of pandemic – Tattva Spa seeks your support


This March, our country and the world, has been shaken up with deep anxiety and a sense of uncertainty. Countries are coming together in growing apart to contain COVID 19.

This March, as Tattva turns a chapter in having served wellness for past 7 years, we are working doubly hard to ensure wellness for all associated communities – our spa guests, healers, beauticians, hairstylists, spa management team, suppliers, vendors, agencies and other hospitality partners.

Tattva has proactively closed down (temporarily) some of our Spa centers in the impacted cities and for all Spas that are open, we are ensuring highest standards to hygiene and safety for a calm and safe wellness experience for our guests.

Safety & Hygiene First

Safety & Hygiene - Tattva Spa

Tattva is deeply committed to ensuring safety & hygiene for our spa team members and guests. Here’s a sneak peek into what all we are doing:

  • Cleaning and sanitisation of the spa facility is being undertaken with the WHO recommended sanitisation standards. Our hotel partners have well-trained housekeeping teams with the best professional cleaning equipment and materials who are supporting us actively. We have enhanced the frequency of the cleaning and sanitisation of all spa surfaces like door handles, spa beds, cabinets, flooring, computers, spa shower rooms, etc.
  • Tattva Spa does not re-use any linen/towels used during therapy. Additionally, we use sanitized disposable linen for the highest standards of safety and hygiene. To corroborate a safe environment, all the beds and related elements are well-sanitized both before and after the spa therapy session.
  • We have always followed single-use oil bottle theory for spa therapy without having it to re-use later.
  • Tattva Spa promises a safe space and to ensure that it is taking every preventive measure at all its locations. We are screening all the guests at the time of arrival for any symptoms of cough, cold or flu, and further are offering our services to healthy guests only.
  • We stand for the safety and health protection of everyone who is present at Tattva Spa premises. To ensure that, we screen every spa team member for any symptoms of flu at the time of reporting and have allowed only healthy team members to offer spa therapy.
  • To ensure that our guests are at zero-risk of being exposed to any kind of flu at Tattva Spa, our employees not only sanitize at regular intervals but also wear a mask during the therapy as a precautionary measure.
  • We have installed hand sanitizer at reception and in every room, to sanitize at regular intervals as they go about their work through the day.

How does your Tattva ReVibe membership get impacted?

We understand your need to stay at home and make tough decisions on limiting social interactions. We are therefore adding back 2 months validity to all Tattva ReVibe memberships. Our customer care team will be happy to assist you with further on redemption and validity queries. They are reachable at 9999835852.

Can you Support? Yes!

This is what you could additionally do to ensure that your spa experience is not compromised:

  • We request our patrons to not visit the spa in case they are not feeling well. Self-isolation is the best regulator for preventing the spread of COVID-19.
  • To wash off any bacteria or virus that may contaminate our employees or the spa premise, and also our patrons during their way to the spa, Tattva recommends and encourages all our guests & employees to use the hand sanitizer as soon as they arrive at the spa. Further, we advise you to take a shower just before their spa session.
  • Though steam and sauna sessions are amongst the must take after a spa treatment, however, Tattva recommends its patrons to avoid any steam or sauna session post the spa therapy.

Stay safe. Be well.
~ Team Tattva

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