What is the process for booking spa services as a Tattva Spa member in Mumbai, and can services be scheduled online or only through phone or in-person appointments?

Members of Tattva Spa in Mumbai can book spa services through a combination of online and offline methods. Here’s how the process typically works:


Online Booking:


Tattva Spa often provides an online booking platform on their official website or mobile app.

Members can log in to their online accounts, browse the available services, and select their preferred date and time for an appointment.

Online booking allows members to conveniently schedule their spa services from the comfort of their own devices.

Offline Booking:

Members can also schedule spa services through offline methods. They can visit a Tattva Spa outlet in person.
At the spa outlet, members can discuss their preferences with the spa staff, review the available services, and book appointments.

This in-person approach is suitable for members who prefer direct interaction with spa personnel.

Tattva Spa offers both online and offline booking options to accommodate various member preferences and needs. It’s worth noting that members should inquire about the specific booking procedures and availability, as these can vary based on location and time. Additionally, it’s advisable to book in advance, particularly during busy periods or holidays, to secure the desired appointment times.

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