What should I expect during a couple massage?

When you book a couples massage at TattvaWellness Spa, you can anticipate a unique and delightful experience that combines relaxation, intimacy, and rejuvenation, set in their serene and professional environment.


Warm Welcome: Tattva Spa ensures you and your partner are warmly welcomed into a tranquil and inviting space. The ambience is carefully designed to promote relaxation, with soft lighting, calming music, and soothing aromas.


Massage Selection: Prior to the session, you’ll have the option to select the type of massage you both prefer, ranging from classic Swedish to deep tissue or aromatherapy. This choice allows you to customize your experience to meet your relaxation and wellness needs.


Simultaneous Relaxation: Tattva Spa therapists will then commence the massage simultaneously. This means you and your partner will enjoy the benefits of a massage side by side, making it a shared and synchronized experience.


Privacy and Draping: Your comfort and privacy are paramount. Tattva Spa therapists are well-versed in the art of draping, ensuring that you remain covered except for the specific area they are working on, maintaining modesty and a sense of security.


Post-Massage Bliss: After the massage concludes, you and your partner can savor some quiet moments together in the room, allowing the effects of the massage to linger before preparing to depart.


In summary, a couples massage at Tattva Wellness Spa is a harmonious fusion of relaxation, intimacy, and professional care. It’s an experience that not only promotes relaxation and well-being but also strengthens the connection you share with your partner.


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