Beauty Treatment Ideas to Look your Best this Festive Season

Beauty treatments

When we look at our own old Diwali photos or the ones on Instagram; we see glowing faces with festive cheer. The festive, as well as the wedding season, is around the corner and we have all the focus on looking our best. But how to do it? The list is long and can be anything from a facemask to treatment to long hours at the salon for a hairdo and make-up. Within beauty treatments, there is a range of services as well. A lot of them work from the outside instead and do not help your skin be healthier. How magical could it be if the skin glows naturally and reflects all the excitement we feel in our hearts this festive season?  It’s really possible to take care of your skin and bring out the best in it. 

This festive season, go for a festive glow that comes from within you. Did you know that at Tattva spa we offer beauty treatments under the category of beauty elixirs? These elixirs are all about celebrating you and your natural beauty. These treatments are about cleansing, nourishing, and hydrating rituals that help you glow from within. The beauty treatments that mostly fall under this category are scrubs, polishers, body wraps, and traditional and herbal baths.

Beauty treatments for festive-ready skin

In order to have skin that radiates warmth, love, and celebration it is important to choose the right treatment. Since we offer both body scrubs and body polishers at Tattva spa it is important to note the difference between scrubs and body polishers. Scrubs are for exfoliating and cleaning while polishers are for exfoliating and hydration. Polishers are gentler on the skin in comparison to scrubs. Polishers are better suited for sensitive skin. 

To elevate your beauty treatment, follow up a body scrub or a body polishing treatment with a body wrap. Once the scrubs and the body polishers have stripped away the layer of dead skin cells, the body wrap could be a good follow-up. A body wrap treatment is essential when a body mask is applied to the body and then the whole body is wrapped in a thermal blanket. The body is wrapped in a thermal blanket for about 30 to 40 minutes. Please note that you might feel quite cold and soggy after the body wrap is removed. It is recommended to avoid eating right after a  body wrap treatment, best is to drink lots of water before and after the body wrap. 

Another service offered as a part of beauty elixirs is traditional herbal baths. These can be complimented with any of the Tattva spa therapies including massages. The bath options include traditional bathing options of having a bath of milky rose and oil connections or a neem bath or a Gangaajal bath. A bath of milky rose and oil connections helps soothe the skin and hydrate it. These rejuvenating traditional bath scrubs can be an add-on to any of our spa therapies as a cleansing bath ritual.

Get your natural glow the ayurvedic way

According to Ayurveda, the neem bath is recommended to help improve immunity as well as cleanse the body. Further, the Sanskrit name for Neem is Nimba which means ‘to give good health’. This is because neem is known to have numerous health benefits. A neem bath also takes care of some of the smaller issues such as body odour. It is not just the leaves but the twigs as well. A neem bath after any of our spa therapies is one of the best ways to make the most out of the therapies at the spa.  

Do remember to balance out the festive indulgence on eating and allow your body to balance out with detox therapies from our range of therapeutic massages at Tattva Spa. This festive season, bring out the best in you! Contact us to know more and indulge in a beauty treatment that works best for you. 

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