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The concept of Grishma Ritu

Introduction Grishma ritu, also known as the summer season, is the hottest period that falls from May through July. As per Ayurveda, Grishma ritu is one of the six ritus (seasons) and the last season of the Aadaan kaal– the time of the year when the sun is in the northward position of the earth....

summer wellness rituals to adopt

Simple Summer Wellness Rituals To Adopt

After all, summer isn’t everyone’s preferred season; it can especially be a nightmare for many when it comes to skincare. Due to intense exposure to the sun, keeping the skin smooth, protected, and radiant becomes even more difficult during the hotter months. Then there’s the pollution and grime to complicate matters even further. While we...

Right time for massage blog

What Is The Best Time For A Massage

Receiving a great massage is the most rewarding thing one can have. A fulfilling massage can change your mood and keep you at peace after a long day of work or a sedentary day when you need to get ready to charge up. However, there might be confusion about the best time to receive a...


Basant Ritucharya- Staying healthy and beautiful in spring

  Ayurvedic Springtime Routine Basant Ritu or spring is considered the ‘King of Seasons’. It generally sets in during March and April, when the cold of winter gradually makes way for the warmer summer months. The Spring season signifies new life as fresh flowers and leaves bloom around us. Whilst winter is all about bundling...


Do you know, just like your face, the skin on other body parts also comes in contact with several daily irritants due to environmental conditions and lifestyle? Your body’s skin gets exposed to free radicals and pollutants, along with UV exposure. So, your body needs the same attention and care as your face. It needs...

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