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Wellness for your home – Beyond jhadoo pochha

While we all focus on our personal hygiene (and quite excessively in these times), we miss out on the real culprit and source of viral and bacterial infections – our homes!

We know you ensure regular cleaning and sanitizing of the home, but you might be amazed at what all you have been missing. As always, it’s all about the detailing.

Here is our list of specific areas in the home environment that we know you might be missing out on completely sanitizing:


Washing the dishes is one the cleaning jobs that people are not very keen on taking up, especially when you have to wash those stubborn oil stained kadhais. With the magic of baking soda your job is half done and its bliss. Here’s how:

  • Take 3 portions of baking soda and 1 portion water.
  • Make a paste.
  • Use a kitchen sponge to wash your stainless steel utensils with it.
  • You’ll be amazed to see how great it works on the utensils, leaving an incomparable shine.

If you get ample sun-light in your kitchen, allow the utensils to dry in the sunlight well before stuffing them back into drawers and racks. Any moisture that enters your drawers and storage areas makes that area fertile for virus and bacteria to thrive. Avoid it!

Kitchen sink

We often enter the kitchen with a thought “everything but kitchen sink”. With the leftovers in your plate or the cooking utensils the sink gets clogged, making the spoons and forks float. This is not a very good sight, we agree! Drainex is always out of stock right! We’ve got you covered. Follow the below recipe to unclog sink drains and free flowing:

  • Baking soda with vinegar can be a real trick. Just know the right way of using it.
  • The fizz reaction that the combination has, helps in cleaning the clogged sinks.
  • Pour 2 table spoons baking soda in the sink, followed by 4 table spoons of white vinegar.
  • Cover the drain and let the combo perform its trick for 30 minutes.

Pour some hot water to clean the remains.

Fridge hygiene

Technology, if not managed (we mean cleaned), can be the biggest harbinger of adversities! No, we aren’t exaggerating. Think for yourself, how often do you clean your fridge shelves, the side door or the fruit basket or the freezer cabinet, the ice trays? Being an essential part of our kitchen and our food, it is very important keep it germ free. For fridge cleaning we will not provide a cleanser recipe, but a small tip. We usually take out the shelves, clean them with soap and place it back in the fridge. While you do so, take a sprinkler and pour a solution of vinegar and water. Spray the solution on the inside of fridge doors and inner walls.

 Note: To further deodorize the fridge before you restock your food, place a hot cup of black coffee in the refrigerator for 24 hours.


Yes, that large piece of designer curtain that is your window’s friend to keep away strong light, heat and cold. Curtains are often forgotten in regular cleaning and that’s also partly because it is cumbersome to remove, wash / dry-clean and then put back on and also dealing with the naked feeling when the curtains are absent. Curtains absorb dust and mold and if left un-attended for long, can also become homes of tiny lizards. Yes, we do intend to scare you.

  • We recommend using light sheers or cotton based curtains instead of the heavy ones unless blocking light is a key need for the room. Lighter cloth is easier and cheaper to manage.
  • Keep two sets for each window and keep rotating – It’s a good change of scene for the room too
  • If you have heavy curtains, you could do the dry-cleaning twice a year – we recommend October and April as the months to undertake this. In between, take out that vacuum cleaner and get it swooshing the curtains
  • Use some fabric spray occasionally for mild disinfection and to get rid of odors if any


As much as we love green around us we often do not meet the care and concern they demand. Grooming and moving is an essential part of their lifestyle. For house plants, it is suggested that they are arranged in different pots every six months. And while you do that, here are some tips you should consider:

  • Water your plant lightly before repotting.
  • Get rid of the rotten and dead leaves and roots.
  • Gently move the plant from bottom to loosen the living roots – use these to prepare compost.
  • Whenever performing this activity, make sure you repot in a slightly bigger pot.

Taking care of plants in it is a relaxing activity. Do it often if you like.


With the weather changing its colors from winters to spring and eventually summers, brings along the mosquito menace. For people who own plants at home, mosquitoes are the frequent guest. While some of you would prefer using a repellant, we strongly suggest you to try a homemade remedy. Charcoal based mosquito repellants have a very strong smoke & odor that is not healthy for people with breathing issues. However, dried Neem leaves, camphor and boiled garlic are a few very strong enemies of mosquitoes. You could burn small quantities of either of these natural mosquito repellants in early evening time in open areas for best repellant effect.

Eat your water in summers – stay hydrated!


Up to 60% of human adult body is water; hence it demands more hydration in this season. As we approach the grishm hritu or the summer season, our body demands more water. Experts suggest that our diet should have 50% – 60% of water content to meet the needs of our body. Our body uses water to maintain its bodily functions and maintain the body temperature. It loses water through breathing, sweating, digestion and other physical activities. It’s important to rehydrate by drinking fluids regularly.

Lack of water affects one’s health; skin being no exception. Dehydration leads to dry skin, making the fine lines visible, dullness to the skin and deteriorating skin texture. Having said this, drinking excess water may also cause harm to our brain cells. Our kidneys get rid of the excess water every hour. Our lifestyle is such that we might skip regular intake of water in a day. Not to worry, because we’ve got you some tips for eating your water. To make sure your body is hydrated, include the below in your food habits.

Low fat yogurt

Ice creams and frozen yogurt have been summer favorites for everyone. Apart from being a rich source of calcium, proteins and vitamins, yogurt contains more water and is a fuller to stomach. It may come as a surprise to you that it has more than 80% water content. Additionally, it also has probiotics that enhances the gut and leaves your skin glowy.

Salad delight

As cliché as it might sound but salads are a very good source of vitamins and iron. With more than 95% water content veggies like cucumber, radish, and tomatoes make the best choice to be added in your salad plate. A small bowl of salad with fresh vegetables is full of nutritional benefits for your hair, skin and nails.

Fruit popsicles


Including fresh juicy fruits in your diet has always been a good idea. The context of these fruits for summers may not be as fresh as they are. The water content in fruits – watermelon, mango, strawberry and musk melon is as high as the calcium and vitamins in them. With no added sugar these can be healthily consumed through a salad or popsicles.

Excess water intake may affect our brain cells and lead to swelling, while lesser intake of water is also harmful. Here are few tips to drink water wisely.

  • The age old recipe of lime water, or popularly known as nimboo pani,is a very healthy drink to boost your body’s immunity in summers and keep it hydrated for long hours. Please be ensured that more than two glasses a day can be overwhelming for your stomach.
  • Lack of water in your body might give you troubled stomach. Beneficial for digestion and rich in vitamin C jaljeera is a perfect remedy in such situations. Add mint leaves to for that extra zing and some extra nutrients in your drink.
  • Buttermilk or the famous Punjab drink lassi is another very good source of hydration. You can even replace a meal with thick sweetened, foam lassi with the biggest glass in home.
  • Not everyone is fond of the sweetened buttermilk, hence, the masala chaach. As the name suggests it is spicy in taste. You can add more carbohydrates, iron and vitamins by adding few curry leaves. You might not see the benefits of this drink immediately but curry leaves help your heart function better and enliven your skin and hair with vitality.
  • Avoid alcohol based drinks. Yes, that’s right! They dehydrate your body, especially brown liquors that have high percentages of alcohol. But, if you must, then opt for Gin & tonic or Vodka & tonic or fruit juiced based liquors like chilled beer (in a limited quantity of course).

Web an ambience of happiness in this lockdown period

Humans and humanity have blended from the past few days to raise the war against COVID-19 . While all the government & medical authorities are taking necessary actions, with the lockdown extending for a few more days has given everyone stress. What are we going to do at home for so many days? How are we going to keep ourselves busy? Well, we suggest that you take a different approach to it. Why not make the best moments in this time that you can cherish later.

Happiness is the cure of every disease and on the other hand panicking creates the sensor of sadness from jubilant vibes. Merely a smile is enough to turn your road of thorns into the carpet of roses. Therefore, it is very important for all of us to web an ambience of happiness in this lockdown period and to impart rejuvenating aura into our nerves so that we can disseminate it in our surroundings. Wondering how? Happiness is an inevitable season.

You were always looking for a break to have a conversation with yourself, weren’t you? This is your time. Revisit your inner self and find the lost you.

  • Unbox the happiness by picking up your pen and writing your heart out. Give wings to your thoughts and pen down the creative clouds surrounding you – through doodling, sketching a comic strip, or through words.
  • Hold your brush and mix your thoughts with colours on canvas. There is nothing more animating than putting your imagination on a piece of paper, so let the artistic juices flow.

  • Release your dance costume from the prison and unshackle your chains by letting your soul dance happily. Practice an old routine or plan an online zumba session with your friends and family.

  • Experiment with the versatile ingredients of your kitchen while you can. Get the masterchef in you into action while there is so much you can cook with the basic ingredients.

  • Bring your instrument from the storeroom and unfurl melody in the air. It’s been a while since you sat with your friends and enjoyed the evening. Well, no one said anything about virtual distancing. Connect with your friends over video call or go live. Let your talent take a spree while you’re on a break.

  • Spend some time with your plants. There is more to gardening than just watering the plants, like getting to know what kinds of plants you own and what other plants can you get for your mini-nursery for the coming season. Did you know there are some plants that can grow even through stems? Grab the opportunity and your gardening gloves and get started!

  • Pamper your skin and add shine to it with homemade remedies. While you’re missing your salon appointments, we suggest you try some home remedies.

Our busy lifestyle has always been a hurdle for spending quality time with our family, and even after living under a single roof, our conversation gaps have increased manifold. This lockdown period is the best opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. Keep your phones aside and sit with your family.


Stay home, stay safe and enjoy your quarantine!

6 Home remedies which will help you get rid of rashes in summer

While the summers are a great time to enjoy yourself with outdoor activities, your skin takes a toll with the excess sun exposure. The skin pores get blocked with sweat and rashes start appearing.

With these 6 home remedies, you can beat the summer rashes in a jiffy:

1. Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal Summer Bath

Fill a cup with oatmeal and put it in a thin cloth pouch. Hang the pouch on the corner of your bathtub so that all the goodness of the oatmeal oozes out into the bathtub. The water will soothe your itchy rashes and make them go away in a matter of days.

2. Fuller’s Earth

 Fuller’s earth has many medicinal properties which help the texture of your skin become baby soft by reducing any inflammation and irritation.

Benefit Of Fuller's Earth

Put a tablespoon of fuller’s earth in a bowl and add a few drops of rose water to it so as to make a paste and apply to your rashes. Wash off with lukewarm water when the paste dries off.

3. Sandalwood Powder

Light Your Skin Using Sandalwood Powder

The soothing and curing properties of sandalwood powder lighten your skin and prevent skin eruptions from occurring. To get the best results, mix a tablespoon of sandalwood powder with coconut water and use a brush to apply it on your rash at least once in a week.

4. Cool Compress

Quick Relief Using Cool Compress

If you consistently feel a prickly sensation on your skin due to the rashes and do not any of the home remedies we have mentioned here, cold compress would give you quick relief. Also, when you are bathing in a hot, humid weather, try to take your bath with cold water as often as possible.

5. Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the greatest exfoliating agents which are available naturally and is one of the easiest solutions against rash. You just have to soak a cloth in water mixed with baking soda and you will find relief from itch and pain as soon as you put it on your skin.

6. Aloe Vera Gel

Remove Skin Rashes Using Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel not only has antiseptic and antibacterial properties but also functions as a hydrating agent for skin suffering from rashes. Just tear of a small branch from an Aloe Vera plant, squeeze out all the gel you can and apply directly to the affected skin once or twice a day.

Gear up for the summer already because these home remedies ensure that you never have to suffer from rashes ever again!

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