The 7 Best Facial Treatments From Tattva Spa


Facial treatments are the best thing ever invented and the secret to healthy skin.
Yes, it’s true! Facials can take care of everything right from blemishes, acne to fine lines and even pigmentation. Moreover, it’s extremely pampering!

While you may have your skincare routine and facial creams, masks and DIY massages you do at home, there’s just something different about getting a facial done at a spa by a professional. The therapist there can help you understand your skin better, what it needs and guide you while selecting a facial treatment as per your skin type. They use the right techniques while applying the products and not to mention the gentle face massage to relax your facial muscles, drain out toxins, open your pores and let your skin soak in all the properties of the products to it’s best. Thus, leaving it with the dewy glow you wish for.

So, if you are dreaming of that flawless, smooth and youthful-looking skin, you’ve come to the right place. Our facial hero’s come to your rescue to help you fight away those bad skin days.

Cleansing Facial

Deep Cleansing Facial Mask | Tattva Spa

A simple yet effective deep cleansing treatment that helps exfoliate dead skin and blackheads and unclog pores. This treatment refines skin clarity and reduces acne blemishes to leave you with fresh skin that breathes and glows.

Shine Facial
With Tattva’s Shine facial treatment, indulge your skin with a vivacious experience. Tattva’s gentle facial massage, with well-crafted detoxifying ingredients, revitalizes the skin-cells, rehabilitating the natural texture of your skin. Don’t just glow, get your shine back.

Young & Radiant Facial
Our professional facial for mature or neglected skin infuses the skin with scientific ingredients proven to slow the aging process, helps repair damaged skin and restores freshness back into your skin. The result? Younger-looking radiant skin.

Hydra Facial
Specially curated for dry and patchy skin, this facial offers deep hydration and nourishment to your skin cells. It improves your skin’s elasticity and boosts natural skin cell regeneration, thereby offering you that flawless smooth skin.

White Mulberry- Peel off face mask

White Mulberry Facial Mask | Tattva Spa

The antioxidants and skin smoothing properties of the pure white mulberry enriched facial peel-off mask is the perfect quick fix for your skin. The whiting and firming marine algae mask, gives a cool and firm feel to your skin and delivers a uniform glow across, leaving you with smooth, fresh, youthful and radiant skin. What more can you ask for?

Green Tea Tree- Peel off mask
Get that natural glow back! This mask is rich in antioxidants and anti-fungal ingredients that heals and rejuvenates your skin. It also gives a natural glow to dull, tired skin and soothes inflamed, acne-prone skin by balancing excessive oil production.

Activated Charcoal- Peel off face mask

Activated Charcoal Face Mask | Tattva Spa

A deep cleansing mask that detoxifies and purifies your skin. The activated charcoal acts like a magnet that draws out the most deeply-rooted impurities, unblocking clogged pores while other ingredients like calendula and rosemary rebalance and restores your glowing complexion.

If you’re looking for the best facial, don’t hesitate to call us at 9999120413.

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