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5 Steps Towards Beautiful Summer-Ready Feet

Now that winter season has exited, it is time to bid goodbye to those cozy woollen socks and closed-toed shoes and let your feet breathe once gain by rocking your favorite summer sandals. But before you go barefoot, your feet may be in need of some pampering to avoid a faux pas like cracked heels...

Reasons to fall in love with summertime

As winter starts to exit, we start complaining about the summer season kicking in swiftly. What we see coming with this season is the dust, heatwaves and sweaty clothes. Stepping out in afternoon becomes next to impossible because of the rising temperature. And it’s just June yet, we’re only half way through the summers. How...


Massage myths out of order

  In earlier times massage was associated with medicinal activities to cure the muscles. But in today’s time having a massage is seen as a luxury. With Ayurveda’s deep knowledge we are successful in continuing the legacy. There are many internal as well as external wounds that a massage can heal. There are many misconceptions...

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