Simple Summer Wellness Rituals To Adopt

summer wellness rituals to adopt

After all, summer isn’t everyone’s preferred season; it can especially be a nightmare for many when it comes to skincare. Due to intense exposure to the sun, keeping the skin smooth, protected, and radiant becomes even more difficult during the hotter months. Then there’s the pollution and grime to complicate matters even further. While we would not be willing to adhere to all beauty rituals needed to secure our skin, it is critical to remember to keep it moisturized. This may be accomplished by combining a healthy lifestyle and a simple skincare regimen.

You must instantly improve your skincare routine to avoid unexpected summer skin concerns. Here are simple summer wellness rituals to adopt for better results:

Maintain your skin’s hydration

While the heatwaves sweep across the country, staying hydrated is essential. Refresh your skin with water or a cooling face mist to keep it fresh. Use a revitalizing face mask after cleansing the face at night to give moisture to your skin as you sleep.

Exfoliating skin is vital to get rid of toxins. If you don’t do this, your skin won’t benefit from hydrating lotions and the masks you apply. However, exfoliating or scrubbing the skin depends on using the sun . You can continue your exfoliating regimen if you are aware of your exposure to the sun, constantly cover up, and use sun protection with care.

However, suppose you are a sun acolyte  who plans on going outside more than you did in the winter and know that you may occasionally step out without shielding your face or applying sunscreen. In that case, you should reduce your exfoliation frequency from two to three times per week.

Oiling your scalp

Oiling your scalp is essential, as it may help preserve your hair throughout the summer.

Summer heat might produce frizz if you reside in a humid region. It may be annoying to have frizzy hair, particularly when everything fails to work. To prevent frizzing and breakage, your hair generates natural oils. Using a topical oil to moisturize and rehydrate your hair can assist.

Exercising during summer

Summer is an excellent season to exercise and burn calories, but the scorching heat increases the danger of heatstroke and dehydration. It is critical to avoid exercising between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the weather is hot. Working out in hotter temperatures causes more fluid loss and puts the cardiovascular system under stress. While exercising, don’t forget to drink water. If you don’t feel thirsty, drink water before your workout and a few sips 15 minutes after you’re done.

It’s critical to replace electrolytes lost throughout your workout. After your workout, drink coconut water or have fruit juices or smoothies.

Increase your intake of water and eat light

A lot of toxins are flushed from the body by drinking water. Staying hydrated is easy with fresh fruits, watermelon, muskmelon, coconut water, and low-sodium vegetable juices. Yoghurt and buttermilk should be a part of your daily routine. At least 2-3 litres of water per day should be consumed to combat the heat.

Substitute regular masala tea with green tea as its antioxidising ingredients can assist in eliminating heat and free radicals, strengthening the heart, and quenching thirst. Simple traditional drinks like the masala chaas, roohafza, khus based drinks are also a great additions to your summer drinks.

Did you know that alcohol is a complete no-no for the summer months as it aggravates your ‘pitta’ and causes dehydration. It is best to avoid that beer that you might crave for in summers. If you must have alcohol due to social obligations, please ensure you detox with large quantities of water consumption and some sleep to go easy on your body.

Hydrating spa and massage therapy

High humidity can lead to acne breakouts or cause rashes in hot weather. Heat rash is caused by swollen sweat ducts trapping moisture beneath the skin, resulting in blisters or bumps. Humidity causes the skin to produce more oil and speed up the generation of skin cells. It’s crucial to clean the body gently and frequently in high-heat, high-humidity settings because dead skin cells can trigger breakouts when combined with excess oil and sweat.

A facial or massage therapy at a salon or spa can do more than pamper your skin. Wellness therapy or facial spa helps reduce sun damage, inflammation, dryness, and pain while acting as an anti-aging defence.


Excessive sun exposure, swimming, and humidity can harm the skin. To obtain glowing skin, stick to a regular skincare regimen, eat well, and use natural therapies that are simple yet effective. The incredible thing is that you can repair your skin’s natural order, lustre, and overall wellness by accepting responsibility for it.

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