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Tattva spas have been balancing tattvas since the first spa in 2013 in the Himalayan hills of Manali. Since then, we have grown and expanded, thanks to our supportive customers who have been sharing and gifting experiences to their friends and family, “Amazing experience. Friendly staff.

My friend gifted me the voucher for a Swedish body massage & I must say this was the best gift I received in a very very long time.” – Akansha

We wanted to expand further on positive experiences such as these. Building on these memorable experiences, we wanted to make wellness a priority rather than a treat. Hence, we created Tattva’s sister VILASA. 

Bringing the spa feeling home

Spa treatments like hot stone massage are incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating, and help improve sleep quality. However, it can be impractical to have a spa frequently. 

To bring this sense of relaxation, peace, and balance home, we have created a range of products to help you with it. 


DIY spa therapy with VILASA 

You can treat yourself to a relaxing foot massage using VILASA’s elbow and foot therapy cream. First, take some of the cream in your palms and massage it into the arch and bridge of your foot, doing a back-and-forth motion with your thumb. Then rub the ball of your foot in small circles. 



Ayurvedic massages often focus on balancing the bioenergies in the body. These bioenergies are referred to as doshas. Balanced doshas at the end of an ayurvedic massage give a sense of upliftment. 

Aromatherapy products can help us feel a similar sense of upliftment. Here essential oils such as Patchouli oil help with improving negative mood. 



Memorable moments and special people are often celebrated through gifts. However, the best gifts are the ones that are thoughtful and are all about the gesture more than anything else. 

At Tattva, we help with celebrations by allowing people to gift a spa session or have the option of having a spa party. 

We have also brought the same idea of celebration into our range of VILASA products

VILASA is all about bringing the spa feeling home through natural products and ayurvedic products. Therefore, we have launched hair oils based on the ayurvedic technique of infusing herbs in oils. VILASA is for holistic wellness. Holistic wellness often creates a routine around activities that help you relax, rejuvenate and nourish your mind, body, and soul.

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