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The Science of Pure Air

As the lockdown have started to relieve in certain parts of the country, the air quality is bound to reduce with increased pollution. It comes as no surprise that air quality index in metro cities was only bearable, if not at its best. Emissions of harmful pollutants will only worsen the urban air. Ultimately leading to breathing issues to the city people or causing discomfort.

While we speak about planet fitness, it is equally important to pay attention to the deteriorating air quality index. The environmental pollution leads to health issues that can’t be overlooked. We can look out for best air purifier for our homes, but what’s better than going all natural! Here are some tips to keep air at your home clean and germ free.

Essential oils

While we have always thought of essential oils for a rejuvenating massage, it has other benefits too. . It is no surprise that people often search for essential oils for skin or hair, knowing little how useful it is to clean the air around. Previously we have spoken about how essential oils put your senses to calm. Remember stepping in a Tattva Spa? How all the aroma packed in air immediately rushed to your brain, putting your mind at rest. That’s one of the qualities of an essential oil. Wondering how to use this product to clean your air? Firstly, make sure to use high quality pure essential oils for maximum benefit.

What essential oils should you use to improve air quality at home?It is very important to know what kind of essential oils for diffuser are best to improve air quality. While some oils like lavender, thyme, tea tree are best for the purpose, others may release volatile organic compounds when diffused, causing trouble to the asthmatic patients.

How do these help?

Tattva Spa is a pioneer when it comes to good quality essential oils. With the oil palette of five essential oils we tend to serve our guests with the most relaxing massages in a pure environment. As a part of our Vimukti oil’s combination, Lavender & Thyme are well known for its curing properties. Lavender is a natural soother and its antimicrobial properties have proven to fight the airborne environmental irritants within a span of 30-60 minutes. Thyme, on the other hand purifies the air allergens in normal environment that we often don’t feel.

Indoor plants

How can we not mention indoor plants when talking about natural air purifier. Poor indoor air quality can have quite a few effects on your health like sore throat, congestion, sinus irritation, itchy skin and watery eyes. Not only our body but our mind also gets negatively impacted. With limited access to healthy walks in park and fresh air, indoor plants for bedroom or other parts of home are the best air purifier. And we, at Tattva Spa, have full hands down to that option.

What indoor plants are best for improving air quality?

Placing houseplants at different spots in your home is a real thing. You might not witness a sudden change in air quality but gradually you’ll start feeling that the air is as good as the natural air one might get in the habitat. There are multiplicities of indoor plants that act as the air cleaning plants like – English Ivy, Bamboo Palm, Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, Rubber Plant, and the list is too long. You can begin by adopting the most popular houseplants – Snake Plant and Weeping Fig.

How do these help?

There have been many studies to prove how some plants have the ability to clean the air inside our homes. They can survive with minimal sunlight and just the appropriate water. We all are aware how plants are extremely adept in absorbing gases through their leaves. The studies by researchers claim gas absorbing capacity of some plants includes not only carbon dioxide but also volatile organic compounds. This makes them qualify to be a natural air purifier.

While you clean the indoor air at your home, these elements would surely add to your décor as well.



Better Sleep = Strong Immunity

Sleep, playing one of the major traits for our immunity, is still overlooked as a luxury by some. The times of social distancing, school interruptions, quarantines, work-from-home has led to anxiety disturbing sleep cycles for a vast majority of us. It has not been a secret that many corporates and organizations are filtering their staff and as they do, the thought of job security and finance management sidles onto our mind affecting the overall wellbeing.

The theme for this year’s World Sleep Day (it was celebrated on March 18) underlines the need of the hour “

  • Body fatigue
  • No mindfulness in diet plan
  • Feel tired and sleepy during day
  • Increased moments of day dreaming
  • Irritated behaviour towards everyone
  • Unhappy soul

All the above symptoms are result of lack of quality sleep.

Tattva Spa is the best spa in India offering wellness therapies across its 62 spas. Our services are well researched and our massages help boost immunity in addition to relaxing your tired body. Here’s how:

  • Kneading and pressing back muscles relaxes your spinal cord which is tensed through the daily chores.
  • The very famous ‘gliding rubs to the legs’ focuses on the areas of tight muscle fibers.
  • Massaging both sides of spine and hips reduces the firmness from body, allowing it to flex.
  • Kneading the oblique muscles to help bend the trunk of the body.

With the unfortunate closure of our spas we are not available in person to help you relax. But through our wellness webinar series AnyBody Can Massage, Episode 4 and Episode 5 our experts talk about how anxiety and world of technology have taken over our sweet dreams. With few acupressure points in our thumb and wrist, we might not make you feel sleepy, but this will certainly help in relaxing your mind of any stress. However, these are not the only techniques that will help you.

We often miss the prime suspect of any irregularities in our body – breathing. Yes, a little discomfort in breathing makes your mind restless and has other major effects on your body. Balancing the energy points through breathing and concentration took us through a journey of meditation while we tried to remove the blockages from our energy points through focused breathing. Yoga Nidra combined with this breathing technique – nothing can be a better solution to your stressed mind and disturbed sleep.

What is Yoga Nidra? How does it help in better sleep?

Often termed as ‘yogic sleep’, it is a state of consciousness where your body and mind are at rest and very relaxed. Through Yoga Nidra you get more aware about your inner self by providing a space to explore your long-held emotions and releasing all the negative energies.

Did you miss the sessions? Watch it on our YouTube channel as our experts take you through the Yoga Nidra experience and help you discover the energy points in your body.

Good night, sleep well!

Stressed before going to bed? As much as we enjoyed work-from-home in the early stage, now the concept is growing exponentially, and everlasting. The covid-19 lifestyle has not only affected our diet or exercise routine, but has a vigilant effect on our sleep cycle as well.

Bedroom is your place of retreat from all the problems and world troubles. You engage all your efforts in decorating your bedroom space, so you can come back to a place that comforts you. With the lockdown, our bedroom has become not only a place to sleep but also, work and eat. This is not healthy! It is important that we don’t let these thoughts disrupt our sleep sanctuary.

Here are few tips that might be helpful to structure your sleep graph and flatten that curve:

Daytime tips

  • Avoid intake of caffeine or alcohol, especially later in the day. This will just create a disparity in your sleep cycle.
  • Watch out for an intense workout later in the evening. Develop a routine for your lifestyle to set your body in rhythm. Don’t skip meals; eat in time, even on weekends get up at your usual time.
  • Taking naps in middle of the day keeps you awake till late in the night. Simply because you’ve already slept for hours before.

Night tips

  • Take the first yawnin the later evening as an alarm. That’s your body telling you that it’s tired and needs some rest.
  • Your bedroom shall only serve as a place to sleep. Avoid using phone or watching screensbefore you sleep. Dim the light, set the temperature, read something good before you put yourself to bed.
  • Watching your phone time-to-time will only distract you from sleeping. Clear your headbefore your sleep.
  • Before going to sleep wash your feet with warm water. Warm water on feetdoes more wonders than the hot milk in your stomach.
  • It’s never too late to realize if you’re not able to sleep. Whenever you are into that sought, get up and accomplish a light task like reading a book, meditation or yoga.

Remember how your senses come to calm at our spa?  The job was partially done by the aroma of essential oils. Our sense of smell is unswervingly connected to our brain, administering emotions.

Essential oils and aromatic wax candles can be helpful for disrupted sleep and improve sleep quality.

Take cue from Remedies to Roll Night Time by Neal’s Yard Remedies and Calm Mogra Soy Wax Candle by Omved for natural and organic products.

  • Spray some essential oil in the air before going to sleep or near your pillow.
  • Mix few drops in your evening bath.
  • You can also apply it directly on your skin, giving a quick massage to your arms and legs.
  • Light the candles and fill the air with aroma.

Let’s prepare for the sleep while Tattva wishes you a good night.


6 ways in which you can use essential oils in your beauty regimen

Take a look at the labels of your favorite beauty products and you will find that they use one or more essential oils in them. We are going to give you an idea of how to use the essential oils directly without spending excess money:

1. Draw up a sweet smelling bath

Sweet Smelling Bath with Essential Oil

We cannot stress the benefits of a sweet smelling hot bath enough? You just have to pour your favorite essential oil to your bath water and relax in it for as long as you want. Jasmine, chamomile and rose essential oils will be our picks!

2. Forget acne

Forget Acne using Face Pack

Don’t let the beauty companies fool you into thinking that their magical products would cure your acne overnight. Instead, when you start making a face pack at home, add some drop of thyme, tea tree or calendula oil to it so that bacteria gets killed and your pimples don’t recur again.

3. Ensure your hair grows faster

Hair Care services

If you are suffering from hair loss due to seasonal changes, add some drops of argan, castor or avocado oil to your shampoo and conditioner bottles and you will start seeing the difference within a month.

4. Make your own body mist

Make your Body Fragrant

Fill one third of a spray bottle with distilled water and add lemon or rose essential oil to it. Take a little bit on the solution on your fingertip and smell to see if the fragrance is strong enough. Once you are satisfied, carry the bottle with you to feel refreshed at any time of the day.

5. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating your skin get rid of the sebum and dead skin cells which have been blocking your pores and stimulates the growth of new, healthy skin. Melt your bar of soap and add sugar, shea butter, glycerin and a few drops of lavender or almond essential oil to the mixture. Freeze until oil and cut into small cubes to use when you are taking your bath.

6. Avail Aromatherapy

Benefits of Aromatherapy

You don’t have to own a diffuser to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Just make sure your surroundings are comfortable and then take a tablespoon of coconut oil or peppermint oil and apply it to your neck, chest and forehead. You will wake up feeling invigorated

Head to the market to buy small bottles of essential oils and they will take care of all your beauty needs for one whole year.

To make a reservation for traditional bath rituals with the nearest Tattva Spa center, Call us at 9999120413 or book online.

The Skin Detox 101: 6 ways in which you can get picture perfect skin in a month

Your skin is subject to all kinds of toxins in a day. Try these 6 methods to detox your skin in the span of a month:

1. Drink Lemon Water

Drink Lemon Water to Stop Skin Breakouts

Lemon water aids in kick starting your metabolism by balancing the pH levels in your body from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep at night. Once you start having this, skin breakouts will stop immediately.

2. Say ‘No’ to Sugar

Avoid Sugar To Detox Your Skin

When you eat anything with refined sugar in it, your insulin levels go sky high leading to skin inflammations which manifest themselves in the form of acne and pimples. Get rid of all your sweet cravings as soon as you can or else you will soon begin noticing wrinkles.

3. Give juicing a try

Detox Your Skin Using Leafy Vegetables Juice

You know that eating green, leafy vegetables is good for your body and skin but it just seems too much work to slice them and eat them as salads. This is why juicing has emerged as one of the most popular detox trends in 2017 where you just have to put vegetables like celery, spinach, broccoli, kale and beets in a mixer grinder and drink the juice on the go.

4. Use Essential oils

Detox Your Skin Using Essential Oils

While it matters a lot what you put inside your body during a detox cleanse, what you apply on the surface of your skin plays a major role too. Apply essential oils like coconut and calendula on your face and notice how your skin gets hydrated, the skin tone evens out and it starts feeling baby soft in a matter of a few days.

5. Avoid Coffee

Avoid coffee to Hydrate Your Skin

Since coffee has diuretic properties, someone addicted to it runs the risk of dehydrating their skin to the extent that it feels dry and unattractive. If you need an energy boost in the early mornings, green tea can be a healthier alternative.

6. Get your dose of Beauty Sleep

Get Your Dose Of Beauty Sleep

Last but not the least; don’t deprive yourself of sleep in the way of achieving all you want to in the world. Sleep allows your body to get past the fatigue and recharge to face the next day. If you don’t, your skin will begin to show the indicators of your tiredness.

Detoxing your skin is quite easy if you diligently follow all the steps we have laid down for you.