A relaxing birthday gift: Geetanjali’s Tattva Spa Experience in Andheri East, Mumbai

birthday gift

Geetanjali is a resident of Andheri East in Mumbai and a regular spa goer who loves to treat herself to a relaxing massage. On her birthday, she was gifted a Tattva Spa gift voucher and she couldn’t wait to redeem it. As she looked up Tattva “Spa near me” on Google, she found that there were several Tattva Spa locations in Mumbai, but she decided to visit the one at Radisson Blu near Mumbai International airport as it was the most convenient location for her.


Upon arriving at Tattva Spa, Geetanjali was warmly greeted by the staff and escorted to a private room where she was given a robe and slippers to change into. The ambiance of the spa was soothing, with dim lighting and soft music playing in the background. As she settled onto the massage table, she felt her muscles begin to relax in anticipation of the massage to come.


Geetanjali opted for a Swedish massage, which is known for its gentle yet effective techniques that relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. As the therapist began to work on her back, she could feel her body responding to the rhythmic strokes and gentle pressure. The therapist used long, smooth strokes that helped to loosen up her muscles and ease her tension. The therapist also used a combination of kneading, tapping, and circular motions to help improve her blood circulation, which left her feeling rejuvenated.


Throughout the massage, Geetanjali felt her worries and stress melt away. Her breathing became deeper and more relaxed, and her mind cleared of any distractions. By the end of the massage, she felt completely at peace, with a sense of calm and tranquillity that she hadn’t experienced in a long time.


Geetanjali left Tattva Spa feeling refreshed and re-energized, with a renewed sense of purpose and a greater appreciation for the benefits of self-care. She felt grateful for the thoughtful gift that had allowed her to experience such a wonderful spa treatment, and she knew that she would be returning to Tattva Spa again soon for another rejuvenating massage.


Geetanjali’s experience at Tattva Spa in Radisson Blu Mumbai International airport was nothing short of delightful. The spa’s serene atmosphere and skilled therapists had helped her to achieve a deep level of relaxation and rejuvenation, leaving her feeling revitalised and ready to face the challenges of daily life. If you’re ever in need of a little self-care, Tattva Spa is definitely worth checking out.

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