Are there any expiration dates or restrictions associated with the gift vouchers for couple’s massages at Tattva Spa Mumbai, and what is the process for redeeming them?

The gift vouchers for couples massages at Tattva Spa Mumbai typically come with a validity period of 6 months from the date of purchase. This means that the recipients have half a year to schedule and enjoy their relaxing spa experience.


The process for redeeming these gift vouchers is relatively straightforward. Here’s a general outline:


Purchase: The vouchers can be bought online through the Tattva Spa website or through authorized online vendors.


Select Location: The gift recipients can choose their preferred Tattva Spa location in Mumbai for their couple’s massage. Tattva Spa has outlets at various prestigious locations such as Radisson Goregaon, Radisson Blu International Airport, Novotel, Holiday Inn Andheri East, and many more.


Booking: To redeem the voucher, the recipients should contact the chosen Tattva Spa location directly. They can call or visit the spa’s website to make a reservation, mentioning that they have a gift voucher.


Redemption: When they arrive for their appointment, the recipients should present the physical or digital copy of the gift voucher to the spa staff. The voucher will be validated and applied towards the cost of the couple’s massage.


Enjoyment: The couple can then enjoy their spa experience, complete with the chosen massage therapy and the luxurious ambiance of Tattva Spa.

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