Can you explain the pricing structure for Tattva Spa memberships, including any initiation fees, monthly dues, or additional costs?

Tattva Spa’s membership pricing structure typically includes an upfront fee and does not involve monthly dues. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing structure for Tattva Spa memberships:


Initiation Fee: Tattva Spa does not charge an initiation fee when you sign up for a membership. No fee is paid at the beginning when you enroll in a membership package.


Package Price: The primary cost of the membership is determined by the package you select. Each package comes with its own price, which covers a set number of spa sessions or services. The price of the package is usually a one-time fee paid at the initiation of the membership.


Monthly Dues:No monthly dues are required to be paid for Tattva spa memberships. Once the balance is exhausted the same can be topped up by taking another membership.


Renewal Fees: Membership renewals may come with renewal fees, and the cost of renewal could vary based on the package you originally signed up for and the length of the renewal term.

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