How can I book a spa appointment at Tattva spa in Ahmedabad?

Booking a spa appointment at Tattva Spa in Ahmedabad is a straightforward process. To ensure you have a seamless experience, here’s how you can book your spa appointment:


Visit the Tattva Spa Website: Go to the official Tattva Spa website. You can access their online booking platform to view available treatments and make a reservation.


Select Your Preferred Location: Choose the Tattva Spa location that is most convenient for you. In this case, select the Farfield by Marriott outlet in Ahmedabad.


Browse the Spa Menu: Explore the spa menu to find the treatment or massage that suits your needs. Tattva Spa offers a variety of options, including Swedish massages, deep tissue massages, facials, and more.


Choose Your Treatment: Once you’ve decided on the treatment you’d like to book, click on it to see the details.


Select Date and Time: Choose a date and time for your appointment. The online booking platform typically displays the available slots.


Provide Contact Information: You will be asked to provide your contact information, such as your name, phone number, and email address.


Confirm and Pay: Review your booking details and confirm your appointment. Depending on the spa’s policy, you may be required to make a payment in advance or at the spa on the day of your appointment.


Receive Confirmation: After confirming your booking, you should receive a confirmation email or message with all the relevant details of your spa appointment.


Alternatively, you can also contact Tattva Spa’s Ahmedabad outlet directly by phone to inquire about availability and book your appointment over the phone.


By following these steps, you can easily secure your spa appointment at Tattva Spa in Ahmedabad, conveniently located at Farfield by Marriott. Enjoy a rejuvenating and relaxing spa experience at your preferred date and time.

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