Relaxation and Rejuvenation: Pratiksha’s Tattva Spa Experience in Kolkata

Pratikshas Tattva Spa

Pratiksha, a resident of Kolkata, was delighted when she received a surprise gift from her son Aryan, who lives in Bangalore. It was a Tattva Spa gift voucher for Mother’s Day, which was a thoughtful and apt gift for Pratiksha as she is a regular spa-goer. After receiving the voucher, she wasted no time in booking an appointment at Tattva Spa, which is located at Lemon Tree Premier, a hotel close to her house.


Pratiksha was welcomed warmly by the staff upon arrival, and they guided her to the spa area, which was serene and tranquil. The ambiance of the spa was soothing and calming, which helped her relax immediately. The therapist then took her to the massage room, where she opted for a deep tissue massage.


The massage was amazing, and Pratiksha thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The therapist applied the perfect amount of pressure and used different techniques to ease the tension in her muscles. Pratiksha felt a sense of relief and rejuvenation, which she had been craving for a while.


After the massage, the therapist offered her some green tea, which was a perfect way to end the spa experience. The tea was fragrant and had a calming effect on her senses, which helped her unwind even further. Pratiksha savored every sip of the tea and felt grateful for the wonderful gift from her son.


In conclusion, Pratiksha had a fantastic experience at Tattva Spa, and she highly recommends it to anyone looking for a spa experience in Kolkata. The staff was warm and welcoming, and the massage was exceptional. The green tea served at the end was a cherry on top of the cake, and it completed the whole experience perfectly. Thank you, Tattva Spa, for providing such a memorable and rejuvenating experience to Pratiksha!


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