What are some of the customer reviews of Tattva Spa memberships?

Here are some of the recent reviews of Tattva spa memberships :


1. Simpli Spa Membership:


“The Simpli Spa membership at Tattva has been a lifesaver for my hectic work schedule. The option to choose between Swedish and deep tissue massages, coupled with the flexibility to use sessions Monday to Thursday, fits seamlessly into my routine. The therapists are skilled, and the 6-month validity ensures I consistently prioritize self-care. A fantastic and convenient choice for anyone with a busy lifestyle.”


2. Peace Membership:


“Opting for the Peace membership at Tattva Spa was one of the best decisions for my overall well-being. The services, totaling 24,000 INR, exceeded my expectations. The 8-month validity allowed me to pace my visits, and the ability to avail services any day of the week made it incredibly convenient. It truly lives up to its name, providing a peaceful escape from the demands of daily life.”


3. Serenity Membership:


“As a Serenity member at Tattva Spa, I’ve experienced a year of unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation. The variety of services, valued at 36,000 INR, provided me with a comprehensive spa journey. The 12-month validity allowed me to savor each visit, and the therapists’ expertise made every session memorable. It’s more than a membership; it’s a holistic approach to self-care.”


4. Tranquility Membership:


Tranquility membership at Tattva Spa is the epitome of luxury and indulgence. With services worth 72,000 INR, the 18-month validity felt like an extended passport to tranquility. The premium experience, coupled with the ability to schedule services on any day, made every visit a retreat. It’s an investment in well-being that pays dividends in relaxation and serenity.”

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