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The festive season is the most awaited time of the year as it unites people and is full of fun and happiness. From attending one party after another and dancing your socks off, one can barely manage to take proper rest. Also, this is a fact that the festive season is not such a good time for your skin. Whether it is the stubborn colours of Holi or polluted air that your skin breathes during Diwali, all of them play an equal role in damaging your skin. Furthermore, make-up and other numerous products that you use during the festive season and high in-take of oily food make things even worse for your skin. Once this season is over and you finally get a minute to breathe, you’ll probably find your skin and beauty routine completely out of whack. The exertion, the tiredness, and the pollution will be reigning on your skin, making it dull and lifeless. The chances of landing into serious skin problems like skin dryness, skin rashes, allergies, acne, etc. are also at peak during the festive season. Therefore, it is vital that after you are done with all the fun and frolic, you pay heed to your … Continue reading Why must you have a post festive skincare regime?
India is the land of Goddesses. Women are worshipped here but yet the patriarchy has never paved way for women to lead their life as they desire. Being selfless is the trait that every Indian woman is born with and no doubt we are proud of that. But ladies, self-care and self-love are also very important. Giving yourself the priority and taking care of yourself is not a sin rather it adds more grace to your love for people because once you are happy only then you can spread happiness in your horizon. The gender versus gender-role debate is quite an ancient one. Where gender signifies your biological sex, your gender role is more of a social construct that governs the way the members of a particular gender are supposed to function and behave. This gender-specific behaviour is nothing but a myth and it is important to challenge and break myths of any kind. Therefore, this International Women’s Day let’s melt all the chains of myths and break away from the shackles of the ‘men do this, women do that’ debate and learn not to depend on others. This International Women’s Day, we encourage all the women out there to … Continue reading 5 Pledges that Women of India should take this Women’s Day
You’ve all heard of the Hygge lifestyle. But what is it exactly and how can you embrace it? We’ll tell you. Hygge- originating from Denmark, the epicenter of a heart-warming way of living. Pronounced Hoo-Ga, is a wonderful Danish way of living that encourages us to slow down, cozy up and enjoy the little comforts of life. While there is no exact meaning to the word in English, the words “cozy”, “comfort” and “content” come close to it. The word “Hygge” itself comes from an Old Norse word, “Hugga,” which means comfort or console. The Hygge lifestyle is all about warmth, comfort, and closeness – all the feelings you get from a hug. The best part about this cozy lifestyle is that it’s incredibly easy to embrace on a budget. Hygge is more about the ambiance and experience you create rather than things. Although there are a few elements you would need to add to create that space, such as candles, home-cooked meals or a gathering of your closest friends, it costs little to nothing, literally! So if you are interested in embracing the Hygge lifestyle, within these last days of winter or forever, there are lots of ways you … Continue reading Want to embrace the Hygge lifestyle? Here’s how!
Long hours of work, traveling in traffic or a rigorous workout takes a toll on your body, leaving you completely exhausted. Waking up to body pain and sore muscles is bound to happen. Now you definitely don’t want it to hinder your entire day so you try using a foam roller, an Epsom salt bath but none of it seems to be doing the trick. So it’s time to consider a relaxing massage. But before we go ahead, let’s look at what causes body aches and sore muscles: Stress When you are stressed, your immune system cannot respond to inflammation. Stress can cause tension in the body, ultimately leading to stiff muscles which cause body aches. Dehydration Hydration plays an essential role in the healthy functioning of your body. Dehydration can sometimes cause a person to feel tired, sore and exhausted. Lack of sleep Lack of sleep can lead to exhaustion and impact your overall health. It makes your body feel sluggish, heavy and achy. Your tissues and cells need enough sleep to stay refreshed. When the body does not have sufficient time to repair and recuperate, a person may experience aches and pains more frequently. Let’s say goodbye to … Continue reading How to Relieve Body Pain and Sore Muscles