A much needed break at Tattva Spa in Lebua Corbett: A Deep Tissue Massage Experience

Deep Tissue Massage

Nishant, a Delhi resident, recently visited Tattva spa at Lebua Corbett after a company off-site trip to the famous Corbett National Park. After a long day of exploring the wildlife in the park, he was in search of a place to unwind and relax. That’s when he stumbled upon Tattva spa, conveniently located near the poolside of the resort. The spa offers multiple services, and Nishant opted for a deep tissue massage to rejuvenate his body.


The spa has a serene and welcoming ambiance that immediately put Nishant at ease. The staff was courteous, and the therapist was knowledgeable, taking the time to understand his specific requirements and preferences before beginning the massage. The deep tissue massage is designed to relieve tension and stress from the muscles, and the therapist used firm pressure to release the knots in Nishant’s muscles.


The therapist used a combination of long, slow strokes and deep kneading movements to work on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. The pressure was just right, and Nishant could feel the tension slowly melting away. The therapist was attentive throughout the massage, ensuring that he was comfortable and that the pressure was appropriate.


The massage was a truly rejuvenating experience for Nishant, leaving him feeling refreshed and energized. The therapist also used some essential oils that had a calming effect on his mind and body. The massage lasted for an hour, but it felt like a lot longer, as he was completely immersed in the experience.


Nishant had an excellent experience at Tattva spa, and he highly recommends it to anyone looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience. The spa’s convenient location, along with the knowledgeable staff and welcoming ambiance, made it a standout experience for him. If you’re in the Corbett area and in search of a spa, Tattva spa at Lebua Corbett is definitely worth a visit.


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