Does Tattva spas in Bangalore cater to specific preferences, such as women-only spas, men’s grooming, or couple’s treatments?

All Tattva Spa outlets in Bangalore, which are strategically located within premium hotel chains like Grand Mercure, Hilton, Novotel, Marriott, and more, are open to both men and women. The spa facilities are designed to cater to the preferences and privacy of all guests, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming experience for everyone. Here are some key points about Tattva Spa’s accommodations for specific preferences:


Open to Both Men and Women: Tattva Spa welcomes both male and female guests to enjoy their spa services.


Privacy and Separate Rooms: To ensure the privacy of each guest, separate rooms are allocated to individuals. These private treatment rooms include separate wet areas for changing and showering, maintaining a sense of personal space and comfort.


Couple’s Treatments: Tattva Spa locations do offer couples massages. These treatments are conducted in specially designed rooms that can accommodate two people. Each couple’s room typically comes with an attached wet area for added convenience.


This approach ensures that Tattva Spa in Bangalore is inclusive and provides a variety of spa experiences to suit the preferences and needs of their diverse clientele, whether individuals or couples. The availability of separate treatment rooms and wet areas enhances the overall spa experience and maintains a sense of privacy and relaxation for all guests.

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