Jasdeep and Madhuri’s Anniversary Spa Day at Tattva Spa, Four Points by Sheraton

Spa Anniversary Gift

Jasdeep and Madhuri, a working couple in Pune, were celebrating their anniversary and decided to gift themselves a relaxing day at the Tattva Spa in Four Points by Sheraton, Viman Nagar. They had heard a lot about the spa and wanted to experience it for themselves. Jasdeep opted for a Swedish massage, while Madhuri chose the signature Tattva massage.


Upon entering the spa, they were welcomed by a soothing atmosphere and the pleasant aroma of essential oils. The spa was decorated with beautiful flowers and candles, which added to the overall ambiance. They were then escorted to the changing rooms, where they were provided with fresh robes and towels.


As they entered the spa room, they were impressed by the calming music and dimmed lighting. The massage therapists welcomed them with a warm smile and asked about their preferences and any particular areas they would like to focus on during the massage.


The Swedish massage, which Jasdeep opted for, helped him to release the tension in his muscles, relieve stress and relax his mind. The therapist used firm but gentle strokes, combined with long gliding movements, to help loosen his tight muscles. After the massage, he felt rejuvenated and full of energy.


Madhuri’s signature Tattva massage was a unique blend of deep tissue, Swedish, and reflexology massage techniques. This massage helped her to release the tension from her shoulders and lower back, which had been bothering her for a while. The massage therapist used warm aromatic oils to help soothe her muscles, and the long strokes helped her to relax and unwind.


After the massage, they were offered a refreshing cup of tea, which helped them to further relax and unwind. They then decided to continue their relaxation with dinner at a nearby restaurant.


Jasdeep and Madhuri had a memorable experience at Tattva Spa. The spa gift voucher was the perfect way to celebrate their anniversary and to take a much-needed break from their daily routine. They would definitely recommend Tattva Spa to anyone looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience.

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