Melt Away Stress: A Mother’s Day Experience at Tattva Spa, Marriott Hyderabad

Spa, Marriott Hyderabad

Medha, a resident of Banjara Hills in Hyderabad, had an unforgettable Mother’s Day thanks to her thoughtful son, Harsh. Living in the US, Harsh wanted to do something special for his mother on this special day and decided to send her a Tattva Spa gift card.


Medha was pleasantly surprised by the gesture and was excited to use the gift card. As Tattva Spa at Marriott was the closest to her place, she decided to visit the spa to indulge in a luxurious and relaxing experience.


From the moment she entered the spa, Medha was made to feel special. The staff at the spa greeted her with warm smiles and escorted her to a cosy relaxation area. They took the time to understand her preferences and made personalised recommendations for the spa treatments that would best suit her needs.


Medha was impressed by the range of spa services offered by Tattva Spa at Marriott, Hyderabad. She was spoilt for choice and finally decided to go for a relaxing Swedish massage followed by a rejuvenating facial.


The therapists at the spa were highly skilled and experienced, ensuring that Medha’s experience was nothing short of exceptional. The massage was soothing and therapeutic, melting away all her stress and tension. The facial left her skin glowing and feeling rejuvenated.


After the treatments, Medha was invited to relax in a peaceful meditation room where she could unwind and reflect on her experience. The staff at the spa even offered her a cup of herbal tea to further enhance her relaxation.


As she left Tattva Spa, Medha felt rejuvenated, relaxed, and extremely grateful for her son’s thoughtful gift. The experience had created one of the best memories for her, and she couldn’t wait to visit Tattva Spa again. The personalised attention, the skilled therapists, and the luxurious treatments had made her day truly special.


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