What are the terms and conditions of Tattva Spa memberships?

To enroll in a Tattva Spa membership, these are the terms and conditions:

1. Redemption Period and Operational Hours: Members can redeem services from Monday to Thursday during spa operational hours.

2. Membership Duration and Extension: The validity of the membership is for 6 months, extendable by 2 months with Business Lead approval.

3. Confirmation and Payment: Membership can be confirmed only upon complete advance payment.

4. Service Redemption: The actual service price will be deducted from the Membership Available balance upon facility and service usage.

5. Redemption Location: Members can redeem their membership exclusively at their home centre.

6. Individual Redemption and OTP: Membership redemption is limited to a maximum of 1 individual per day. An OTP for redemption will be sent to the registered number, without which redemption is not possible.

7. Choice of Services: The total number of services will depend on the choice of services and durations as per the menu, with the menu price deducted from the available balance.

8. Booking and Appointment: It is advised to book service requests 24 hours in advance, especially for weekends and holidays, to ensure availability.

9. Restrictions on Redemption: Membership balance cannot be redeemed against or combined with another offer, and it cannot be used on already discounted spa packages.

10. Balance Carry Forward and Usage: Any leftover credits/balance will be carried forward to the new membership plan upon renewal.

11. Non-Transferable: Membership balance cannot be used to buy gift/prepaid cards or products.

12. Post-Expiry Renewal: Discount benefits will not be available post-membership expiry until renewed.

13. Travel and Pause: Members can pause their membership for a maximum of 2 times, for a maximum of 1 month at a time during the tenure.

14. No Compensation: No compensation will be paid for any service or membership.

15. Appointment Requirement: Prior appointments are mandatory and subject to availability.

16. Membership Cancellation: The management holds the right to cancel a membership due to inappropriate behaviour, and no refund will be allowed.


These terms ensure a clear understanding of the membership conditions and facilitate a smooth and enjoyable spa experience for members.

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