What are the typical prices for spa treatments at Tattva Spa in Indore?

Tattva Spa located at Radisson Blu in Indore, offers a range of spa treatments catering to diverse preferences and needs. Prices for spa treatments at Tattva Spa in Indore vary based on the type and duration of the massage.

– For a rejuvenating Swedish Massage, the 60-minute session is priced at INR 3300, while the 90-minute session costs INR 5000.

– Those seeking a Deep Tissue Massage can opt for the 60-minute session at INR 3500 or the 90-minute session at INR 5300.

– The Indian Abhyanga massage, available in 60-minute and 90-minute sessions, is priced at INR 3300 and INR 5000, respectively.

– Jetlag Recovery, a 90-minute treatment, is available at INR 5500.

– The Potali Massage, lasting 60 minutes, is priced at INR 4300.

– For the Signature Tattva Therapy, a 90-minute session, the cost is INR 5300.

Tattva Spa in Indore also provides the option of Couple Massages, offering a shared and relaxing experience. Prices at Tattva Spa reflect the quality and variety of services provided, ensuring a tranquil spa experience in Indore.

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