5 Pledges that Women of India should take this Women’s Day


India is the land of Goddesses. Women are worshipped here but yet the patriarchy has never paved way for women to lead their life as they desire. Being selfless is the trait that every Indian woman is born with and no doubt we are proud of that. But ladies, self-care and self-love are also very important. Giving yourself the priority and taking care of yourself is not a sin rather it adds more grace to your love for people because once you are happy only then you can spread happiness in your horizon.

The gender versus gender-role debate is quite an ancient one. Where gender signifies your biological sex, your gender role is more of a social construct that governs the way the members of a particular gender are supposed to function and behave. This gender-specific behaviour is nothing but a myth and it is important to challenge and break myths of any kind. Therefore, this International Women’s Day let’s melt all the chains of myths and break away from the shackles of the ‘men do this, women do that’ debate and learn not to depend on others. This International Women’s Day, we encourage all the women out there to take these 5 pledges and choose themselves over anything else in this world:

1. Take a break

Take a break | Tattva Spa

Take a break from your routine and give some time to yourself. Plan a solo trip and play with waves, enjoy the shadow of scorching sun and have the shower of stars. Pamper yourself like you pamper others. Go to the best spa in town and enjoy a rejuvenating spa treatment to recollect your thoughts and relax your body. If not solo, plan it with your girlfriends and together opt for the facial therapy to feel the beauty inside out. Put an end to the excuses and explore the lost you.

2. Learn how to manage your finances

Learn Managing Finances | Tattva Spa

Women are no longer confined to the walls of kitchen. They have stepped into the competitive world and have become the primary breadwinners of the family. But still, when it comes to managing their finances and investments they look on to the male figures of their family to handle it on their behalf. Hence, we urge the women to take responsibility for their finances and manage it well. It can be done by knowing the basic bank work, tax procedure and investment plans.

3. Know the basics of household fixtures

Household Fixing | Tattva Spa

Though it may sound a little weird but yes, knowing the basic household fixtures makes you more self-dependent and imparts confidence. You don’t always need to ask your husband, father, son or brother to help you with those small fixtures when carpenters and plumbers don’t come to rescue you. Be a lady of the house and learn everything that can help you in unlikely situations.

4. Invest time in self-care

Self-care | Tattva Spa

Take good care of yourself. Look after your health and see if your body is demanding some attention. Go for frequent health checkups and pay attention to your diet. It is great if you could join the gym, yoga or aerobics classes for a healthy lifestyle. You can also choose to indulge yourself in some pampering with Tattva Spa that will rejuvenate your mind and soul.

5. Understand the difference between good and bad feminism

Feminism is the word that has attained a lot of popularity in recent years both for good and bad reasons. Feminism is very important to uplift the confidence of women but it is even more important to decipher fake feminism from a genuine one. Standing with right irrespective of caste, creed, colour and gender is what is needed to maintain the social harmony and attain inner peace. Therefore, as a feminist one must have the vision to see all the hues of situation before acting on it.

Now that you’ve taken the pledge let’s not forget to abide by the same. Go on and pamper yourself with Tattva’s relaxing therapies and surrender to a haven of tranquility.

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