Latest Wedding Trends for brides

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So what exactly are brides’ sights set on this season? What are they looking at when it comes to dress styles, hair, diets, skin and make-up? Let’s take a peek at some of the latest wedding trends that show up on the horizon.

Brides are pushing the envelope this season when it comes to bridal finery and jewellery. Concept sarees could be the trend this year – sarees that are pre-stitched or draped so they give you a feeling of a gown. Jacket blouses are also in focus, very often embellished with heavy embroidery and matched with sheer sarees or lehengas, where the colours are moving away from the traditional bright, dark ones to soft, pastel hues.

When it comes to hair, the fussy, old traditional look seems to be giving way to a more natural look, embellished with flowers and pearls.

The tall, tiered wedding cakes that have become so popular even in traditional weddings may give way to smaller, lacy-looking cakes with ruffles and wedding jewellery might see less of sparkling stones and more of heavy old world looking gold.

When it comes to skin, there’s the never-changing demand for soft, dewy skin, especially on that big day and that should mean soft, blemish-free skin all over. The best way to achieve this is by getting a bridal package under expert, professional care so that you look your absolute best. Make-up trends indicate that a less showy, softer look with softer shades of lipstick might be the order of the day.

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