Expert’s guide to wax – Select what’s best for you!

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Recently, most of us have explored our inner chefs, a passionate planter or a novice artist, and tried to keep our minds off the negative news. A major issue that almost all women faced in past few months was how to follow up with their beauty treatments for skin and body. We have tried every nook of an idea to be gentle to our skin and keep it healthy. While most of the salons are now operational and are taking extreme precautions for your visits, there is still a pin of doubt that keeps pricking in our minds.

We are here to guide you on how to wax at home and how to select your wax. We are not professionals so it is important to understand the product you are about to use and how good it is for your skin. Learn about different ways of hair removal at home.

Waxing strips

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Yes, these are first on our list as they are easily available and very smooth to use. Without any hassle of heating the wax and learning how to apply it and cleaning wax dishes afterwards, wax strips are pretty easy to use. Have you ever removed a band aid from you skin? Well it’s pretty much the same experience. These ready-to-use wax strips are easily available at a chemist shop as well. They are packed with after wax wipes. They might not be enough when you wax the whole body. You can always use home products for skin care.

Hot waxing

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Waxing strips might not sound comfortable to everyone. Having a small beauty setup at home is not so difficult, as long as you know how not to be clumsy while waxing. As suggested by the name itself, there’s a wax bowl where it is heated and applied hot to our body. This is the most orthodox way of beauty treatment. It has proved to deliver accurate and effective results. If you ever have to make choice between hot waxing and strips, we would recommend the former for thick hair, especially for sensitive areas. Currently wax roll-ons are getting pretty glamorous. This makes the procedure very smooth and applying wax is no more an art.

Cold waxing

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Surrounded by old methods of hair removal, one could never imagine that a process could be developed with cold wax. Mankind has evolved to developing new methods to offset the burns during wax. In this method a thick layer of wax in semi-solid form is applied on the area. It is placed against the growth of the hair, which in turn gives a strong hold on the skin. It might sound painful but one of the main advantages here is that it is less painful that the above two. However, results might not be as effective as a hot wax.

Chocolate waxing

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It’s an alternative of wax that is enriched with ingredients like almond oil, cocoa, sunflower oil and vitamins. Unlike the sugar wax, chocolate wax is less painful and nourishes the skin during the process. It goes very easy on the skin and does not cause any swelling. It doesn’t cause any burns, redness or rashes. Might be slightly extra on our pocket but the results and experience is totally worth it. Explore the best products – The Body Care Chocolate Wax and thank us later.

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