6 Basic Tips For Helping You Eat Healthier


How many times have you faced indigestion this past month? How many times have you woken up with a headache or a sore throat? And more importantly how many times were you in a bad mood because you weren’t feeling just all right?

Growing up most of us, end up developing terrible food habits, eating whatever comes to our mind and believing that because we are young and our digestion systems are strong we will be able to digest almost anything. Our stress filled, rushed life also doesn’t help one bit because we believe that healthy eating takes times and effort. Let me tell you that is not true.
Whether we like it or not, the food that we eat has an effect not only on our physical health but also on our mental health. An upset stomach from last night’s oily chicken biryani will only destroy your mood. Eating healthy is not only important for healthier body but also for a more productive mind.

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Here are some basic tips for helping you eat healthier-

  1. Switch Soda for fruit juices, coconut water and the best of the lot – water. Ensure that whenever you are feeling thirsty you don’t pop up the soda can but drink a glass of water first. Whenever you have cravings for those sweetened beverages, drink a glass of water. It will reduce your craving and help you think clearly.
  2. One cup of coffee means two cups of water after it – Coffee is extremely dehydrating, but we understand that coffee can’t be completely cut out. To make sure that you aren’t dehydrated and toxins are flushed out of your body, drink two glasses of water after each cup of coffee to balance it out.
  3. Healthy Breakfast – Sometimes it is difficult to eat healthy the whole day but ensure that you are having a healthy and filling breakfast. Eat a banana coupled with other seasonal fruits followed by two slices of multi grain or whole wheat bread. A good breakfast ensures that you have enough energy for the whole day and also keeps the guilt trip low.
  4. Eat food with probiotics – Have a Yakut in the morning or any other pro biotic. Switch your samosas for fruit yogurts or Greek yogurts. They help in digestion and calcium is always good for you.
  5. Exchange Cookies for oatmeal and high fiber biscuits – In market, there are a number of healthy alternatives available against double chocolate cookies that we like munching on. Trust me, cutting on cookies help.
  6. Say No to Potato Chips and switch to Soy snacks – Potato chips are good for two things – a paunch and indigestion. Try snacking on Soy snacks, they are yummy as well and very less fattening.

Eating healthy comes with practice, it also helps you lose weight and adds a glow on your face. You are what you eat.

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