Massages offer so much more than just relaxation



And you thought massages were just to make you feel more relaxed? Think again! A good massage does so much more than that!
Here are a few very good reasons why massages are good for you. 

It peps you up: No matter how depressing and frustrating the day has been, a massage just gets rid of all the stress and strain and leaves you feeling calm and ready to face the next day. It’s the best way to drain out all that anxiety and stress from your body and get you feeling upbeat and happy. It’s a great mood lifter as it lowers the stress hormones in your body and brings down your blood pressure.

You sleep better: Say Goodbye to insomnia with a relaxing massage. Children, adults and even infants sleep so much better when they’ve had a nice soothing massage.

Headaches are history: Massages really are such a great way to soothe those headaches out of you, leaving you feeling less tense and pain-free. There’s no pain quite as bad as a headache and what a relief when a massage gets rid of it for you. Research has proved that massages help migraine sufferers sleep better and experience fewer episodes of pain.

Muscles feel more relaxed: A hard day’s work usually leaves your muscles tense and aching. Massages are the answer to getting the rid of the tightness and the soreness, leaving you feeling flexible and energetic.

Boosts immunity: Studies have shown that regular massages increases your white blood cell count and this in turn makes your whole immune system stronger and more capable of fighting off infection.

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