Reasons to fall in love with summertime

As winter starts to exit, we start complaining about the summer season kicking in swiftly. What we see coming with this season is the dust, heatwaves and sweaty clothes. Stepping out in afternoon becomes next to impossible because of the rising temperature. And it’s just June yet, we’re only half way through the summers. How can one like summers over winters? We have an answer to it. Apart from the heat and dust, there are many things to appreciate that this season brings along.

Like what?

  • Season’s fruits

How can we talk about summers and not include mangoes on our list? These golden juicy fruits are one of the few good things to come of the oppressive summer heat. Be it raw mangoes, luscious yellow mangoes or mango shakes, this fruit is definitely the most adorned ones. Apart from mangoes, fruits like litchi, watermelon, grapes seal the season.

  • Easy breezy clothes

Aren’t you already tired of layers of clothes? (specific to people in North India).

Summertime gives you the opportunity to style yourself in some easy comfortable clothes and bright colours. You’ve got a ton of options and a million opportunities to flaunt your summer wardrobe.

  • A variety of drinks to cherish

What’s your favourite drink in winters? Probably a cup of hot milk or hot coffee. Summer adds colour to not only your wardrobe but also your food plate. You can enjoy from an elaborative menu of drinks that accompany this season like, lassi, nimboo pani, aam panna, cold coffee, shakes, mojitos.

  • Water holidays

This season is for all the ‘water addicts’. They can go to water parks or go for swimming. While this might be out of context in current times, but you can still enjoy chillness of water at your house through showers and foot soaks.

  • Morning walks

As we all know, days are longer and more active in summers. This means, you have ample amount of time and energy to engage yourselves into fitness activities or an extra-curricular. Wake up early and exercise or prepare a hearty meal for yourself.

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