The 5 Tattva’s of Being

5 tattva

We often get asked the meaning behind our brand name ‘Tattva’. Today, let’s explore the journey behind it. 

When our founders were creating India’s first professional wellness services brand, the inspiration was all about ‘Balance of the Tattvas’. Tattva in the most general sense means ‘a form/aspect of reality forming the basis of human experience’.  The five tattvas are the ultimate constituents of reality in the Saivism school of Hinduism. The five main Tattvas or elements of nature that comprise the entire planet are Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Ether. The sixth ingredient, Mahat Tattva, or cosmic intelligence, affects the underlying dynamics of these elements through divine consciousness, resulting in inner core healing. 

You can resist stress, trauma, and sickness if the five components (tattvas) are strong, balanced, and in alignment with each other. If any of the five elements of nature are not balanced, you should look out for ways to realign them. Various spa therapies can help you to balance your inner tattvas. They are believed to induce deep relaxation and refocus the energy flowing through different chakras and tattvas.

Over the last 9 years, Tattva Spas have been rejuvenating guests with our scientifically proven massage techniques and wellness therapies. Through our unparalleled approach to wellness, we have been alleviating the esteemed guests’ experience, relieving the stress of life. Connecting with these five elements of nature is necessary if you want to access the powers of the universe as they are the essence of everything, both inside and outside of you.


Our primary source of stability is the Earth. It symbolizes equilibrium and rules the center and diagonal directions. When it is balanced, it creates a sense of stability, tranquillity, and harmony. Strengthening the Earth element in humans increases mental power, steadfastness, determination, and continuous progress toward a goal. Studies have shown that reconnecting with the Earth’s electrons improves sleep, lowers inflammation, and lessens discomfort. One of the other ways to stay connected to the roots of the earth is opting for a warmAyurvedic Poultice Massage. It is the therapeutic application of natural herbs enclosed in a muslin cloth. 


The water element, Jal tattva, nurtures and supports the soul and the physical body. The movement of water brings the Shakti energies and the force of life with it. Water flushes away negativity, harmonizes our feelings, and clears our minds to increase our concentration. For the same, we recommend you take a spa bath. A nourishing experience to boost intuition, instincts, and emotions. Tattva Spa offers a diverse range of spa baths includingRoyal Rose Concoction”, “Purifying Ganga Jal Bath”, andDetoxifying Neem Bath. Water fosters a spiritual and philosophical outlook on life. Water’s qualities include the ability to conceptualize fresh ideas and thoughts, healing energy, and the ability to regain health.


Through the control of Prana, the life’s energy, as in the practice of Pranayama, the worship of the air element can be accomplished. In the modern world, Pranayama must be safely practiced by someone who is both physically and intellectually healthy. The practice shouldn’t put too much strain on our neurological system. Our neurological system is significantly compromised, as we live in a highly polluted world where the water and air are dirty, and noise, radiation, and stress are all around us. Mistaken or erroneous Pranayama might agitate us more. To opt out of the stress of doing it wrong and the worries of life, we have just a suitable proposal for you. Our expert healers can relax you with our “Signature Tattva Therapy” which includes passive yoga stretches and acupressure movements to revitalize your body and muscles. Whereas, for Pranayama to truly be effective, both instructor and learner must have a thorough understanding. 


In Tantra, the fire element, or Agni, is the source and the destination of all occurrences. Since the beginning of time, the holy fire has impacted spiritual rituals and traditions. Fire is both material and ethereal. It is ignited by deep breathing and burns upward through the body, consuming the impurities of the body and mind. Gain clarity of thoughts and being with Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage, specially crafted to condense the tautness and body fatigue with oils curated with the finest herbs and essentials.


The Space element or Akash tattva represents expansion and improvement. It produces knowledge and awareness to comprehend novel and innovative thoughts in a balanced condition. Everything that exists around us is a part of the Space element, which also has an impact on the intellect and emotions. You may more easily synchronize your energies with the universal vibrations by strengthening the Space element. A soothing Head massage at Tattva Spa can transfer you into an eternal space with gentle movements and light pressure of fingertips. In reality, balancing the space element might provide you with the best capacity for self-healing. Everything is reversible, even addictions, heartache, and sadness.

The 5 Tattvas (elements of nature) form the very being of a man which makes wellness a priority rather than a treat. Through the brand, our founders have strived to bring relaxation forward in its most luxurious fashion around you and your city. Like a good spread of butter, Tattva Spas can be found sliding in every picturesque location of tranquilizing mountains, nourishing beaches, soothing valleys, and pacifying plains. We need to return home to the elements of nature that formed us and our planet when stress and pressure start to pull at us to nourish from within.  You and your loved ones can escape the pull of stress by simpling choosing a spa therapy. Gift your friends and family a wellness experience with Tattva Spa gift cards.

Whatever helps you to relax and widen your heart is what you should do. You may go barefoot in the garden, take spa therapy, wander through the park, sit by a fountain, or look up at the stars.

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