6 Important Tips To Control Your Coffee Addiction


We love coffee. We often call it hug in a mug. We love Soda. We love Tea, the standard tea and not the healthier Green tea. Basically, all of us love caffeine. Caffeine gives us a high and it spikes up our energy making us more creative and productive. A lot of people are addicted to tea and coffee, the high makes them feel more productive and in general better. This addiction though is unhealthy because after a while caffeine starts taking a toll on your body.  A lot of people can’t sleep after having coffee because it makes their brain haywire. Coffee is also extremely dehydrating and it makes your body loose fluids. Coffee also causes acne in a lot of people. Coffee has advantages too, but a little too much of anything can be harmful. Here are some tips, through which you can get rid of that addiction and reduce the harmful effects of caffeine on your body.

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  1. Drink twice as much water after coffee – If you are having one cup of coffee, follow it up with two glasses of water after it. Make sure that you are keeping yourself hydrated as much as you can. Make it rule 1 serving of coffee = 2 servings of water.  
  2. Switch to healthier options – Some people have a habit of sipping a hot beverage while working. Cut down on sipping coffee and tea and switch to green tea. There are a lot of options available in the market such as Strawberry tea, Chamomile Tea, Lemon Tea which you can have other than coffee. Not only are they healthier but also detoxing.
  3. Don’t use coffee as an alternative to sleep – A lot of people do that, they don’t get enough sleep and as a substitute they drink coffee to keep themselves awake. Coffee isn’t a substitute to sleep. If you sleep enough, you will not need as much coffee.
  4. Eat Apples – Research has shown that apple is more effective in keeping a person awake than coffee. Switch your black coffee with apples every day. It will also make your skin glow.
  5. Switch Soda for Fruit juices – Try drinking juices whenever you are feeling thirsty instead of popping open a soda can. Soda including Diet soda is very harmful for your body, not only is it high in sugar content but also has ingredients which affect your body in negative ways.
  6. Eat well – Have a balanced diet, it will reduce your craving for caffeine.

Coffee, tea and soda are great but an overdose of these can be very harmful for your body. They can make you regret caffeine in the long run. Switch to healthier options, remember addictions are bad.

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